Description : Statistical setup of info structures from purchasing documents
Main Category : MM
Sub Category : Purchasing Information System

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RMCVISCP - Copy Versions of Info Structures PP - Sales Plan
RMCLCLMO - Initial Program for Class Maintenance Cross Application - Classes
RMCLHIEV - Class Hierarchy Cross Application - Classification
RMCLKDEL - Delete Class with Objects Assigned Cross Application - Classification
RMCLKLAV - Class List Cross Application - Classes

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MCEX_UPDATE_02 - Fortschreibung LIS-BW, Applikation Einkauf Logistics - Logistics Information System (LIS)
ME_STATISTICS_LIS_NEW - Statistikneuaufbau f MM - Purchasing
RSPO_RETURN_SPOOLJOB - Liefert einen Spooljob als interne Tabelle zur Basis - Print and Output Management
SWW_WI_CREATE_VIA_EVENT - Create Work Item as Result of Event Basis - SAP Business Workflow
LIST_FROM_MEMORY - Prepared list import from memory Basis - List Processing

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S012 - Purchasing Logistics - Data Collection
S032 - Statistics: Current Stock and Grouping Terms Logistics - Data Collection
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
EKPO - Purchasing Document Item MM - Purchasing
NPRT - IS-H: Preregistration Type IS - Patient Management
EKET - Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines MM - Purchasing

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