Accounting ABAP reports PS-IS-REP-ACC

RKPEP003 - Display Project Actual Cost Line Items
RKPEP000 - Project line items
RKPEP005 - Display Project Commitment Line Items
RKPEP010 - Display Project Actual Payment Line Items
RKPEP004 - Display Project Planned Cost Line Items
RKPEP008 - Display Project Budget Line Items
RCNRCJES - Import Reports from Any Client to Current Client
RKPBATCH - Maintain Batch Variants for Drilldown Report
RCNCC020 - Analysis of Value Category Assignments
RCNRCJEW - Import Forms from Any Client to Current Client
RCNCO083 - Import Report Assignments for Hierarchy Reports
RCNCCP10 - Copy Interfaces to Reports
RCNCO081 - Availability Control Overview
RCNCO082 - Access hierarchy report 12KST1A using transaction CJEA
RCNCO085 - PS: Planning Board Report Assignment
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Full list of SAP EP Accounting ABAP reports PS-IS-REP-ACC

Logistics ABAP reports PS-IS-REP-LOG

RPSISKB000 - Project Information System: Capacity Requirements Individual Overview
RPSISVG000 - Project Information System: Activities Individual Overview
SAPM0CNL - Variable Overviews: Call View Cluster Maintenance
RPSISAB000 - Project Information System: Relationships Individual Overview
RPSISAF000 - Project Information System: Orders Individual Overview
RPSISFH000 - Project Information System: Prod. Resources/Tools Individual Overview
RPSISMR000 - Project Information System: Components Individual Overview
RPSISMS000 - Project Information System: Milestones Individual Overview
RPSISNP000 - Project Information System: Networks Individual Overview
RPSISPA000 - Project Information System: Planned Orders Individual Overview
RPSISPD000 - Project Information System: Project Definitions Individual Overview
RPSISPE000 - Project Information System: WBS Elements Individual Overview
RPSISRM000 - Project Information System: Confirmations Individual Overview
RPSISVB000 - Project Information System: SD Document Individual Overview
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Full list of SAP EP Logistics ABAP reports PS-IS-REP-LOG

Adaptor ABAP reports CRM-MEP-ADP

CHECK_OBJECTS - Object Check

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