Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures ABAP reports MM-IM-VP

SAPMM08Y - Module Pool for Transactions MR32, MR33, MR34, and MR35
RMLIFO44 - Change LIFO/FIFO Valuation Level
RMNIWE90_01 - Balance Sheet Values by Account
RMLIFO34 - Transfer External Data for LIFO/FIFO Valuation
RMFIFO32 - FIFO Valuation: Create Document Extract
RMLIFO32 - LIFO Receipt Data: Compile from Document Extract
RMLIFO22 - LIFO Valuation: Display Pool Formation
RMNIWE10 - Determine Lowest Value: Range of Coverage
RMFIFO00 - Execute FIFO Valuation
RMNIWE30 - Determination of Lowest Value: Loss-Free Valuation
RMFIFO20 - FIFO Valuation: Flag Materials
RMFIFO39 - Display Change Documents
RMFIFO50 - Delete FIFO Valuation Data
RMLIFO00 - LIFO Valuation for Individual Materials
RMLIFO02 - LIFO Valuation for Pools
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP IM Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures ABAP reports MM-IM-VP

Inspection Lot Completion ABAP reports QM-IM-UD

SAPMQEVA - Usage Decisions / Stock Postings in QM
RQEEAL10 - Inspection Lot Selection
RQEVAI30 - Lot Selection for Automatic Usage Decision
RQEVAI10 - Collective Usage Decision for OK Lots
MQEVAF34 - Include LQPRPF01
RQALVF14 - Form routines for QM list reports
MQEVAF41 - Includes for HU Processing
MQEVAF40 - Ausgelagerte Form-Routinen aus Dynproverarbeitung (4.0C)
MQEVAO10 - PBO Module
MQEVAF45 - Include MQEVAF45
RQEVAM10 - Inspection Lots Without Inspection Completion
RQEVAM20 - Inspection Lots with Outstanding Quantities
RQEVAM30 - Inspection Lots without Usage Decision
RQALVF16 - Formroutinen f

NetWeaver Enterprise Search ABAP reports BC-EIM-ESH

ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS - Process Changepointers (Enterprise Search - Fast Indexing)
ESH_TEST_SEARCH - Enterprise Search Test
ESH_IX_CRT_INDEX_OBJECT_TYPE - Indexing an object type (BO, TO)
ESH_SE_CONNECTOR_MOD_BGD - Modify Connectors in Background
ESH_EX_FU_CPOINTER_REORG - Reorganize Change Pointers
ESH_EX_CONSOLIDATE_CP - Migration and Deletion of Enterprise Seach Change Pointers
ESH_REFRESH_RUNTIME_BUFFER - Refresh Complete Runtime Buffer
ESH_EX_FU_DEMON - Fast Update Demon

Time Zones ABAP reports BC-SRV-TIM-TZ

TZCUSTHELP - Troubleshooting Support for Time Zone Settings
TZONECHECK - Check Time Zone Data for Consistency
TZCUSTDISP - Display System Parameters for Time Zones
TZCUSTIM - Import Customizing Data

Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) ABAP reports BC-EIM-ODP

Results Recording ABAP reports QM-IM-RR

RQEEAS20 - Driver program for inspection instructions (sample program)
SAPMQEEA - Inspection Results Processing
RQEIFL10 - Example for using BAPIs in results recording

Sample Management ABAP reports QM-IM-SM

RQDSES20 - Print report: Print sample drawing instruction
RQPRPP10 - QM Label Printing for Several Physical Samples

Basic Functions ABAP reports MM-IM-GF

MM07RFBC - Form routines for quantity conversion at batch level

Financial Mathematics ABAP reports CA-FIM-FMA


Intellectual Property Management ABAP reports CRM-IM-IPM

CRM_IPM_GENERIC_IF_XML - Upload Derived line BDoc
CRM_IPM_GRP_MAINTAIN - Maintain Release Dates Generation Profile

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