Shipping ABAP reports LE-SHP

SAPMV50A - General Delivery Module Pool
RVV50R10C - Deliver Documents Due for Delivery
RLE_DELNOTE - Print Program - Delivery Note
SAPMV08A - Groups of SD Documents
RVADDN01 - Print Program for Deliveries
RVDELSTA - Redetermination of the Status in the Delivery
RVADEK01 - Print Program for Individual Picking Lists
RVV50L09 - Reverse Goods Movement
SDPACKLI - Packaging list
SAPFV50C - Copy Order Data
MV50AFZ2 - User Exit for Batch Determination
MV50AFZL - Include MV50AFZL
MV50AFZP - Include MV50AFZP
SAPFV50P - FORM Routines: Delivery Item Processing
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Full list of SAP LE Shipping ABAP reports LE-SHP

Warehouse Management ABAP reports LE-WM

RLAUTA10 - Create Transfer Orders for Material Document in Background
RLVSDR40 - Initiate Printing of Transf.Order
RLKOMM40 - Combined Pick List
RLAUTA11 - Create transfer orders for posting change notices automatically
SAPML03T - Generate transfer order: screens, reference documents, ...
RLLNACH1 - Replenishment for Fixed Bins in WM
RLLQ0200 - Posting Change Quants for Material in WM and IM
RLLI0400 - Print Warehouse Inventory List for Continuous Inventory
RLVSDR10 - Initiate Printing of Transf.Order
RLLNACH4 - Replenishment for Storage Types with Random Space Management
RLAUTA20 - Create Transfer Orders for Deliveries Automatically or Immediately
RLREOLPQ - Reset Inventory Data in Storage Bins and Quants
RLMG0020 - Creating WM View for Multiple Material Masters (Decentr.WM)
RLLI2110 - Clearing of Differences in Inventory Management
RLLNACH2 - Replenishment Planning for Fixed Bins
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Full list of SAP LE Warehouse Management ABAP reports LE-WM

Transportation ABAP reports LE-TRA

SAPMV56A - Module Pool Transport General
RV56ABST - Control of Activities when Setting a Status in the Shipment
SAPMV54A - Module pool shipment costs general
RV56TRGN - Create shipments in collective proc.
RV56TNDR - Program RV56TNDR
MV56AFZZ - FORM Routines for User Exits
RVADTR00 - Print program: Bill of lading CMR
RV56TRSL - Check in Shipments
RV56TD00 - Print Program: Sample Printout for the Shipment
RVADTR01 - Print program: Bill of lading CMR
RMCT0600 - Standard analysis for Info structure S055
MV56AFZY - User routines (FORM)
RLE_TRA_CONFIRM_STATUS - Print Program for Shipment Confirmation
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP LE Transportation ABAP reports LE-TRA

Yard Management ABAP reports LE-YM

SCREEN_100 - Include SCREEN_100

Mobile data entry ABAP reports LE-MOB

RLMENU - Dynamic Menu with Screen 888
RLMOB001 - Mobile Computing: Putaway/move by SU ID
RLMOB019 - Mobile Computing: Handling Unit - Packing / Unpacking
RLOGON - Logon to RF
RLBINPRI - Print Bar Code Labels for Verification Control in Warehouse
RLMOBINV - Mobile Computing: Inventory count common routines
RLEMOBGRGIDEL - Good Receipt & Issue bu Delivery
RLMOB005 - Mobile Computing: System-guided Putaway
RLMOBI01 - Include RLMOBI01
RLVERIFY - Fill Verification Field in Warehouse Master
RLEMOBGRGISHP - Goods Receipt & Issue by Shipment
RLMOB018 - Mobile Computing: Inquiry for a Handling Unit
RLMOB008 - Mobile Computing: System-guided Picking
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP LE Mobile data entry ABAP reports LE-MOB

Utilities ABAP reports BC-MID-ALE-UTI

RBMVSHOW - Manage Data Transfer by Direct Input

Task & Resource Management ABAP reports LE-TRM

RLTRQSCHEDULER - program to run scheduler

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