Personnel Administration ABAP reports PA-PA

SAPMP50A - HR Master Data: Initial Screen
MP000200 - Module Pool: Infotype 0002 Personal Data
RPUAUD00 - Logged Changes in Infotype Data
RPUDELPN - Delete Personnel Numbers Completely
MP000000 - Module Pool: Infotype 0000 (Personnel Actions)
MP000100 - Module Pool: Infotype P0001 (Org.Assignment)
RPUFIXDS - Repairing Data Sharing Inconsistencies
MP041200 - Include dichiarazioni dati globali per dm10 2
MP000600 - Infotype 0006, MODULE POOL: Addresses
RPLICO10 - Flexible Employee Data
MP000800 - Module Pool for Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay)
RPPPXM00 - R/3 Module: Handling of PCL1(2) Buffer
RPPPXD10 - Data Definition for PCL1, PCL2 Buffer Handler
RPPPXD00 - R/3 Data Definition for PCL1 and PCL2 Buffer
SAPFP50P - Maintain HR Master Data
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA Personnel Administration ABAP reports PA-PA

E-Recruiting ABAP reports PA-ER

RCF_CREATE_USER - Create Internal Users and Candidates for SAP E-Recruiting
RCF_PERIODICAL_SERVICES - E-Recruiting: Periodical Services
RCF_GENERATE_URLS - E-Recruiting: Generate All Relevant URLs
RCF_GENERATE_URL - Structure of URL for Web Applications
RCF_RECREATE_SEARCH_PROFILES - Program for Adapting Search Profiles According to Customizing Changes
ERC_OBJECT - Program for Object Type ERC_OBJECT: ERC Object
RCF_CORRECT_DUP - SAP E-Recruiting: Remove Inconsistent Data in KPRO
RCF_DELETE_EXT_CAND - Program for Deleting External Candidates
RCF_QA_UPDATE_CATEGORY - Change Categories for Questionnaires
RCF_SEARCH_VARIANT_LOG - Query Log for Requisitions
RCF_USER_DELETE - Deletion of User
RCF_CUST_F01 - Generelle Formroutinen f
ERC_APPL - Program for Object Type ERC_APPL: Application
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA E-Recruiting ABAP reports PA-ER

India ABAP reports PA-PA-IN

HINIBSG0 - Basic - General Increments
HINCREMP - HR-IN: Disbursement of claims
MP058500 - Section 80 detials infotype
HINCREMS - HR-IN: Status for claims
MP058600 - Investment details Info-type
HINIDAB0 - HR: IN Batch Program - DA
MP058700 - Provident Fund for India
PCREMIN6 - Cluster Includes
HINIBSP0 - HR: IN Basic Promotions
HINUOSD0 - hr-in:
MP058800 - Employees' welfare schemes
HINIS800 - Batch Program for Section 80 - India
HINIS880 - Batch Prgram For Section 88 - INDIA.
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA India ABAP reports PA-PA-IN

Organizational Structure ABAP reports PA-OS

RHINTE30 - Transfer org. assignment in batch input folder for infotype 0001
RHINTE00 - Transfer Organizational Assignment (PA -> PD)
RHINTE10 - Prepare Integration (OM with PA)
RHINTE20 - Create missing objects (OM or PA)
HR_SYNC_PERSON - Synchronize Employees - Business Partners
MP100100 - PD Module Pool for Infotype 1001 Relationships (variant for appl.sys)
RHVOPOS0 - Vacant positions
RHUSERRELATIONS - Display User Assignments
RHSBES00 - Staff assignments
RHINFAW0 - Infotype reporting
RHINTE20_ALT - Check program for PA-PD integration
RHPNPSUB - Start HR reporting via Personnel Planning structures
RHXSCRP1 - Complete position description
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA Organizational Structure ABAP reports PA-OS

Singapore ABAP reports PA-PA-SG

MP041200 - Include dichiarazioni dati globali per dm10 2
MP018500 - Module Pool for P0185
MP00212R - Include MP00212R for SG
MP018300 - Modulpool for P0183
MP073900 - Module pool for infotype 0739

General ABAP reports PA-PA-XX

RPUFIXDS - Repairing Data Sharing Inconsistencies
RPUFACECPRFN - Convert T582A-CPRFN --> T582G
RPUSCNTC - Find Inconsistencies in Time Constraints
RPU_FILL_IBAN - HR: Fill IBAN in HR Database Tables from TIBAN
H00RSMUPLOAD - Choose File Upload from Director/Local File
RPUSEN10 - Test Utility for Employment Period Calculation
RP_GET_IVWID - Determine View Indicator
RSM_INIT_DOWNLOAD_MASTERDATA - Start Download of Master Data to SAP Campbell
HRPAD00_C_EMPLOYEES_FOR_USERS - Generation of Records of Users' Personnel Master Data

Recruitment ABAP reports PA-RC

SAPMPAP4 - Identification of Multiple Applicants and Former Employees
SAPMPAP3 - Applicant Activities (PB50 and PB60)
RPAPL002 - Applications
RPAPL005 - Applicant Statistics
RPAPL001 - Applicants by Name
RPAPL012 - Variable Applicant List
RPAPDEL0 - Delete applicant data
RPAPRT04 - Complete Activities after Data Transfer
MP400000 - ?...
RPAPRT05 - Print Letters (RTF format)
RPAPRT09 - Direct Transfer of Applicant Data
RPAPL010 - Vacancies
RPAPL003 - Vacancy Assignments
RPAPL004 - Applicants by action
RPAPL011 - Applicants' Education and Training
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA Recruitment ABAP reports PA-RC

Benefits ABAP reports PA-BN

RPUBEN52 - IDoc Data Transfer
RPUCOB02 - Processing of Qualifying COBRA Events and Letters
MP016800 - Module Pool: Infotype 0168 Benefits Insurance Plans
RPLBEN01 - Eligible Employees
RPUBEN15 - Print Confirmation Form
RPUBEN42 - Benefit Configuration Consistency Check
RPLBEN07 - Changes in Benefits Elections
RPLBEN09 - Change of eligibility status
RPLBEN11 - Employee Demographics
RPLBEN05 - Savings Plan Contributions
SAPMPZ07 - Module Pool for Internet Scenario "Participation Overview"
MP017100 - Module Pool: Infotpye 0171 General Benefits Information
SAPFBEN0 - FORM Pool for Benefits Table Read Routines
MP016900 - Module Pool: Infotype 0169 Benefits Savings Plans
RPUBENOVIEW - Overview of Employee Benefits
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA Benefits ABAP reports PA-BN


RPURACU0 - Utility program to map new Race and Ethnicity to old Ethnic Origin
RPSEEO1U0 - EEO: U.S. Legal Compliance Report for EEO-1.
RPSAAPU0 - AAP: Movement Analysis Report USA
RPLEHSU0 - Employee History Report
RPSAAPU1 - AAP: Turnover Analysis Report USA
RPUSADU0 - Data Definition for Salary Calculation
RPSVT1U0 - VETS : US Legal Compliance Report for VETS 100 and VETS 100A.
RPSEEOU1 - EEO-1 report
MP009400 - Module Pool: Infotype 0094 Residence Status
FP5U0E01 - General Forms 01
RPLWCOU0 - US Workers' Compensation Report
MP161000 - PD Infotype 1610
RPLNHRU0 - New Hire Reporting
RPSEEO1U0_CE - EEO : US Legal Compliance Report for EEO-1 - Concurrent Employment
RPLEOSU0 - Equal Opportunity Survey (Employee Data) for USA
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA USA ABAP reports PA-PA-US

HR Information Systems ABAP reports PA-IS

RPLDAP_EXTRACT_IDM - Extraction of HR Data to an LDAP Directory
RPLDAP_EXTRACT - Extraction of HR Data to an LDAP Directory
RHADHOC0 - Ad Hoc Query
RPMPAQPN - RP Query: Process Additional Fields (Human Resources Master Data)
RPLDAP_QUERY_MAPPING - Maintain Field Assignments for Data Export
H00_QUERY_AD_HOC - Access SAP Query for Ad Hoc Reporting in HR
RPLDAP_MANAGER - HR LDAP: Extraction of Manager Attribute
RPAQMF00 - HR Query: Generation Routines

Compensation Management ABAP reports PA-CM

RPIPSR00 - Pay Scale Reclassification
RPITRF00 - Enhanced Std Pay Increase (Indirect and Direct WTs) with Batch Input
MP100500 - Infotype 1005 - Planned Compensation
RPLTRF10 - Defaults for Pay Scale Reclassification
RPITIG00 - Pay Scale Reclassification
RHPAYSC0 - Display Pay Scale Structure
RPUEMU00 - Currency Changeover EMU for Pay Scale and Pay Grade Structures
RHSOLO00 - Planned Labor Costs
SAPFHCMP - Subroutines for Compensation
RPLTRF00 - Time spent in each pay scale area/type/group/level
RHCMPTCS_PRINT - Print Total Compensation Statement
RHCMPCHANGE_STATUS - Status Changes for Compensation Adjustments
RHCMPCREATE_ADJUSTMENTS - Creating Compensation Adjustments
RPLCMP01 - Display Pay Grade Structure
RPUCMPEESEL - Compensation Adjustment - Select Employees
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA Compensation Management ABAP reports PA-CM

Talent Management ABAP reports PA-TM

RPTMC_CREATE_CHANGEPOINT_AUTH - Create Change Pointer for Authorization Data
RPTMC_TP_SYNC_EDU_WE_RCF - Synchronization of Talent Profile with Candidate Profile
RPTMC_MIGRATE_TALENT_GROUPS - Transfer Talent Groups from E-Recruiting to Talent Management

Spain ABAP reports PA-PA-ES

RPUDBSE0 - Maintenance of tables T5E43/T5E44/T511P
RPIGA0E0 - Calculation annual taxable income
RPUOCUE0 - Cut-off of infotype 61 and "Employment" field proposal
RPCRT2E0 - Certific@2
RPUSCCE0 - Schema check for payroll - Spain
RPUCDSE0 - Mass translation of text tables (OBSOLETE)
MP048000 - R

China ABAP reports PA-PA-CN

MP321100 - Contract Elements (CN)
MP321200 - Mod. Pool MP321200
MP052800 - Module pool of infotype view IT0021 for China

Great Britain ABAP reports PA-PA-GB

MP007000 - Module Pool for Infotype Court Orders GB (0070)
MP007100 - Module Pool for Infotype 0071 - Pensions Administration (GB)
MPV28000 - Module Pool: Infotype 0016 Contract Elements
MP007000_CE - Mod. Pool MP007000_CE
MP00024G - Module Pool for Infotype 0002: Form Routines (GB)
MPV99800 - HR-GB: Module Pool: Infotype View 0998 (Primary Infotype is 0077)
MPV28100 - Loan administration GB (View to Infotype 0045)
RPCP46G0 - HR-GB: P46(Company Car) form for Great Britain
MP006500_CE - Mod. Pool MP006500_CE

Japan ABAP reports PA-PA-JP

RPLACTJ0 - Employee Action List
RPU510J1 - Utility program to delimit P0008 after pay sclae re-creation
RPLPSCJ0 - Time Spent in Pay Scale Group (Japan)
RPU510J0 - Pay scale recreation (Japan)
RPCELVJ0 - Employment Insurance Certification of Leaving
MP00092J - Module pool for infotype P0009 - PBO modules
RPUFAMJ0 - Conversion from IT0148 to IT0021
RPLRLSJ0 - HR-J :Retirement allowance amount calculation list
MP320800 - Infotype Module Pool for IT3208
RPLADDJ0 - Employee's Address Directory

Canada ABAP reports PA-PA-CA

RPUTXUK0 - Canada: Tax update utility for infotype 0462/0463
RPLEEAK0 - Employment Equity Act (EEA) Reporting
RPCROEK0 - Record of Employment (ROE)
MP0077CA - Include MP0077CA

Germany ABAP reports PA-PA-DE

RPCKDID0 - INCLUDE for RPCALCD0 - Functions for Miners' DUEVO
MP001200 - Module Pool for Infotype P0012: Fiscal Data (D)
RPUEHBD0 - Table conversion: Valuation of Pay Scales for Statistics
RPUSCCD0 - Schema Check for Payroll - German Version
MP0232FS - Module Pool Infotype 0232, Fast Entry
MP001230 - Module Pool for Infotype 0012, PAI Modules
MP001330 - Infotype 0013, PAI Modules
MP001340 - Infotype 0013, Form Routines
MP002620 - Module Pool for Infotype 0026: PBO Modules
MP002630 - Module Pool for Infotype 0026: PAI Modules
RPLSVWD0 - Display Value Credits and Disruptive Event SI Income Threshold Deficit
MP002000 - Module Pool for Infotype P0020: DUEVO (D)

Finland ABAP reports PA-PA-FI

HFIUCPL0 - Personnel numbers that have to be unlocked for payroll runs
HFILTVR0 - Pay Scale Reclassification data for Parake employees

Denmark ABAP reports PA-PA-DK

RPUDPSM0 - Download source text of program (type "PROG" in TADIR)
RPUDFSM0 - Download source text of function groups

South Korea ABAP reports PA-PA-KR

MP053900 - Module pool infotype 0539 (personal data - South Korea)
MP054000 - Module Pool: Infotype 0540 Family/Related Person (KR)
MP080900 - Mod. Pool MP080900

Belgium ABAP reports PA-PA-BE

MP010900 - Module pool infotype 0109 (contract elements - Belgium)
RPUSCCB0 - Checkprogramm for Scheme (Belgium)
RPUSCCB1 - Checkprogramm for Personnel Calculation Scheme's (Belgium)
MP010700 - Module pool infotype 0107 (work schedule - Belgium)
MP010800 - Module pool infotype 0108 (personal data - Belgium)

HR Administrative Services ABAP reports PA-AS

RPASRCREATEDPF - Creation of Digital Personnel File Using Personnel No. or Ref. No.
RPASR_CHECK_PROCESS - Check Consistency of Processes
RPASR_DT_START - Design Time for Processes and Forms

Personnel Development ABAP reports PA-PD

RHQINTE1 - Convert Infotype 0024: Applicants
RHXHAP_APP_DOC_PREPARE - Prepare Appraisal Docs with Org. Units with Restrictions
RHHAP_PA_TEMPLATE_TRANSPORT - PM Process: Transport Appraisal Template and Appraisal Process
RHQINTE0 - Convert Infotype 0024: Employees
RHHAP_PA_APP_DOC_PREPARE_ORG - Prepare Appraisal Docs with Organizational Units
RHP_CRMQ - Define CRM Qualifications
RHHAP_APP_DOCUMENT_SEARCH_PA - PA: Appraisal Document - Evaluate
SAPMRHPE_WWW_DEMO - Advanced HR: Person for User
MRHPE_WWW_DEMO_F01 - Advanced HR: Person zum Benutzer -> Sonstige Routinen
MRHPE_WWW_DEMO_O01 - Advanced HR: Person zum Benutzer -> Sonsitge PBO Module
MRHPE_WWW_DEMO_TOP - Advanced HR: Person zum Benutzer -> Globale Daten
RHHAP_UPDATE_DOCUMENT_GOAL - Updating of Cascaded Goals in Appraisal Document
RHHAP_APP_DOCUMENT_ADMIN_PA - PA: Appraisal Document - Administrator
RHPE_DPLANHISTORY - Development plan history

Switzerland ABAP reports PA-PA-CH

RPUSCCC0 - Schema Check for Payroll - Swiss Country Version
RPUQSTC0 - HR CH: Maintain withholding tax tables
RPUPADC2 - HR-CH: Assign/delete employee attributes
RPLLAWC2 - Wage Statement 2005
RPLERCC0 - Employer Statement
RPLLVGC0 - HR-CH: Salary Comparison
RPLSTMC0 - HR Master Data Sheet - Switzerland

Hong Kong ABAP reports PA-PA-HK

MPV34200 - Module Pool: Infotype 0342/0002 (HK Personal Data)
MP034400 - Module Pool: Infotype 0344/0021 (HK Family members)
RPU03420 - Initialisation P0003: Create Infotype view 0342,0343 & 0344.

Enterprise Compensation Management ABAP reports PA-EC

RHECM_CHANGE_PROC_STATUS - Change Compensation Process Status
RHECM_BUDGET_GENERATE - Generate budgets from organizational hierarchy
MP075800 - Modulepool Infotype 0758 - Compensation Program
RHECM_PRINT_CRS - Print Compensation Review Statement
RHECM_BUDGET_RPT - Audit Report for Budgets
RHECM_CREATE_COMP_PROCESS - Create Compensation Process Records
RHECM_BUDGET_INIT - Compensation to Personnel Cost Planning interface: Upload PCP values
RHECM_PREP_ORGUNITS_FOR_PLNG - Prepare Organizational Units for Compensation Planning
RHECM_CREATE_0758 - Create Compensation Program Records
RHECM_DISPLAY_PROGRESS - Display Compensation Planning Progress
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PA Enterprise Compensation Management ABAP reports PA-EC

Netherlands ABAP reports PA-PA-NL

RPU510N0 - Simple Pay Scale Increase for Wage Types Determined Indirectly
RPTZKMN2 - Notifications of Sickness and Recovery
MP00064N - Infotype 0006 Form Include NL
MP011000 - Module Pool for Infotype 0110 (Pensions)
RPIFBBN0 - Batch Input for Creation of Infotype General Data Benefits (0171)
RPTZKMN0 - Notifications of Sickness and Recovery - Obsolete
RPLWPAN0 - Absence Overview
RPTZKSN0 - Analysis of Absences Due to Sickness

France ABAP reports PA-PA-FR

MP042400 - Modulpool Infotyp P0424 (Absences)
RPUSCCF0 - Check schemas for France ( generated by RPUGSC00 )

Portugal ABAP reports PA-PA-PT

RP2006P0 - HR-PT: Dynamic actions IT2006 - IT0019 - Vacation Allowance Alert
MPV33600 - View infotype 0002 + 0336 / Molga 19
RPUCODP0 - HR-PT: Update table T5PCP with postal codes from file
RPLWKCP0 - HR-PT: List of workers commissions

Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation ABAP reports PA-CP

RHHCP_DC_EMPLOYEE - Collecting Personnel Cost Planning Data for Employees
RHHCP_DC_PAYROLL_DATA_DISPLAY - Display of Data Basis from Payroll Results
MP501000 - HR Infotype 5010
RHHCP_PLAN_CREATE - Executing a Personnel Cost Planning Run
RHHCP_PLAN_ADMIN - Management of Personnel Cost Plans
RHHCP_DETAIL_START - Perform Detail Planning for Objects in Area of Responsibility
RHHCP_DETAIL_START_C - Start Detail Planning for Entire Plan

Indonesia ABAP reports PA-PA-ID

MPV31800 - HR-ID: Family Details Indonesia

Sweden ABAP reports PA-PA-SE

RPTOVTS0 - Overtime report

Norway ABAP reports PA-PA-NO

MP00023V - Infotype P0002 - PAI modules (NO)
RPLAAMV0 - AA-register - electronic version

Taiwan ABAP reports PA-PA-TW

P0006TW1 - Include P0006TW1 - Data Definitions (Taiwan)
P0002TW3 - Include P0002TW3 - PAI (Taiwan)
P0006TW4 - Include P0006TW4 - Forms (Taiwan)

Brazil ABAP reports PA-PA-BR

MP039800 - Module pool Infotype P0016 (Contract elements)
MP039700 - Module pool Infotype P0021 (Family)
MP062500 - Infotype 0002 - Race/complexion
MP073400 - Infotype 151: form routines

Malaysia ABAP reports PA-PA-MY

RPIADVL0 - Batch Input For Advance Payment
MP01853L - erweiterte Tabellenpflege untere Ebene
RPCEUIL3 - Main RPCANGL0 : Sub-Routines
MP019800 - Infotype 0198 - Schedular Tax Deduction (Tax - Malaysia)
MPV21300 - Module Pool: Infotype 0021 Family

Tools ABAP reports CO-PA-TO

RKEBW3RE - Retractor: Query Data Transfer

Italy ABAP reports PA-PA-IT

RPCRIEI0 - Wage type certificate
MPV30600 - Modulpool Infotype P0021 (Family)
RPUCMNI0 - HR-IT: Load external file to fill the towns table T5ITM4

Austria ABAP reports PA-PA-AT

MP046740 - Form routine ends infotype 0467 (SI addit. notifs. plant contracts A)
RPIRRVA0 - Batch Input Maintainance for 'Date Type Retro.Acc. Prev.Yrs' in IT0041

Employee Interaction Center ABAP reports PA-EIC

PHREIC_CATEG_TREE - Example: Simple Tree Control (with Documentation)
RPHREIC_FEEDBACK_SURVEY - Report to Send out EIC Feedback Survey

Budget Management ABAP reports PA-PM

RHPMDYNMASS - Dynamic personnel action for HR Funds and Position Management
RHRFPM_ERLK - Maintain Completed Indicator

Management of Global Employees ABAP reports PA-GE

RPMGE_ACTIVATION - Assignment Activation
RPMGE_COPY_CHILDREN - Copy Children (IT 0021, Subty 2) in the Expat Planning action

Australia ABAP reports PA-PA-AU

MP022730 - Input Moduln TFN Australia
SAPMPZ28 - ESS: Infotype Control With Overview and Detail Screen

South Africa ABAP reports PA-PA-ZA

SAPMP16B - Program SAPMP16A
RPLEA2W0 - EEA2 Workforce Analysis (South Africa)

HR Manager's Desktop ABAP reports PA-MA

RHDIREPO - Subroutine pool for MDT scenario B900 (manager to manager)

Argentina ABAP reports PA-PA-AR

MP039400 - Infotype 0394

Venezuela ABAP reports PA-PA-VE

MP048200 - HRMS-VE: Module Pool for Infotype 0482 (Additional Fields of IT0021)

Mexico ABAP reports PA-PA-MX

MP042800 - View of the Family/related person infotype (IT0021)

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