PT General ABAP reports

RPTQTA00 - Generate Absence Quotas
RPTIME00 - HR TIME: Time Evaluation
RPTARQPOST - Leave Requests: Post
RPTEDT00 - Time Statement Form
RPTARQEMAIL - Leave Requests: Send E-Mails
RPTARQDBVIEW - Display Leave Requests (Database of Requests)
RPTQTA10 - Display Absence Quota Information
RPTEXTPT - Transfer Time Data to HR Time Management
RPTARQERR - Leave Requests: Process Posting Errors
RPTEUP10 - Upload Time Events
RPTBAL00 - Cumulated Time Evaluation Results: Time Balances/Wage Types
RPTARQAPP - Leave Requests: Approve Documents
RPTCORAPP - Clock-In/Out Corrections: Approve Documents
RPTQUOTA_CHECK - Overview of Customizing Settings for Quota Generation
RPCLSTB2 - Display Time Evaluation Results (Cluster B2)
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Full list of SAP PT General ABAP reports

Automatic Payments ABAP reports FI-BL-PT-AP

RFFOALE1 - ALE Distribution of Payment Data
RFPRQZLP - Create Payment Runs for Payment Requests
SAPF111S - Payment Program for Payment Requests
F111SINT - Payment Request Payment Run: Structures and Internal Tables
F111CONS - Constants for Payment Request Payment Program
F111MAIN - Main Program of Payment Run
F111SFIE - Data for the PR Payment Program: Field Groups
F111SMAC - Macro Definitions for the PR Payment Run
F111STOP - Data Pool of Payment Run for Payment Requests
F111TYPE - Types for Payment Request Payment Run
RFPRQSHW - Display Payment Requests
SAPF111V - Module Pool for Entering Payment Runs for Payment Requests
RFPRQPAY - Online payment of payment requests
RFPRQRVS - Reversal of bank-to-bank transfers
RFPRQSHD - Payment Request: Detail Display
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Full list of SAP PT Automatic Payments ABAP reports FI-BL-PT-AP

G/L transfer ABAP reports IS-B-BCA-PT-GLP

RFBKGLAPPLLOG - Application Logs Display General Ledger Reports
RFBKGL01 - Transfer Bank Current Accounts - FI General Ledger
RFBKGL11 - General Ledger: Overview of BCA Reconciliation Keys
RFBKGL12 - Reconciliation: Posting Totals per BCA Reconciliation Key
RFBKGLBSPREP - Balance Sheet Preparation Bank Customer Accounts - FI General Ledger
RFBKGLC1 - Reconciliation: Comparison - BCA Posting Totals with FI Posting Totals
RFBKGLC4 - Obsolete: Use Transaction F97E Instead
RFBKGLC6 - Reconciliation: List of FI Document Lines per BCA Reconciliation Key
RFBKGLCM - Netting: Overview of BCA Accounts to be Netted
RFBKGLDI_FIKEY - Management of GL Information for Data Transfer (FIKEYs)
RFBKGLIA - Interest Accrual/Deferral: Overview of Interest Accs/Defs Created
RFBKGLPP - Postprocessing: Balances of BCA and FI Accts for Items in Post Proc.
RFBKGL_VA_CALC_POST - Post Value Adjustments

Shift Planning ABAP reports PT-SP

CLASS_DEF_ABORDNUGEN - Class definitions for ALV, temp. assignmen
CLASS_IMP_ABORDNUGEN - Implementation of Class definitions for ALV, temp assignment
RHDPERSL - Display Personal Shift Plan
FH5AHF32 - Include FH5AHF32
RHDOCCPL - Display attendance list
FH5AHF00 - Shift Planning: General Forms
RHSP_ADMIN_IT0439 - Create infotype 0439 with subtype 0005

Interest/Charge Calculation ABAP reports IS-B-BCA-PT-IC

RFBKBSST - Start Bank Statements
RFBALNOTLOG - View Application Log for Bank Statement
RFBKACCBSINGLE - Accounts Blocked by Individual Balancing
RFBKACCINPROC - List of Accounts Edited by End of Day Processing Runs
RFBKBALNOT - Create Balance Notifications - Mass Run
RFBKBSLG - View Application Log for Bank Statement
RFBKBSRE - Start Bank Statements - Restart
RFBKBSSG - Create One Single Bank Statement (On Request)
RFBKBSSG_DUPL - Duplicate Creation of a Bank Statement (Single Run)
RFBKCHAINOVR - Status Overview of Reports in End of Day Processing
RFBKCHAINSTART - Start Sequence of Reports in End-of-Day Processing
RFBKCLEB - End of Day Process. Batch: Increase Posting Date for Balancing Posts.
RFBKCLED - End of Day Process. Online: Increase Posting Date for Balancing Posts.
RFBKPARUNOVR - Overview of Current End of Day Processing Runs

Basic Data ABAP reports QM-PT-BD

RQAAAS10 - Deadline Monitoring of Batches
RQERKM30 - Overview of Control Charts for Master Inspection Characteristic
RQQMTB10 - HR-PT: Payroll Operations
SAPMQSDA - Maintain Master Inspection Characteristics
RBDSEQPMK - Send Master Inspection Characteristics

Inspection Planning ABAP reports QM-PT-IP

RQPDRK00 - Print list for task list
RQPDRK02 - Print list: Task list for material
IQPDRK00 - Include QM Routinen zum Drucken von Pl
RQPREDE2 - Delete Task Lists Without Archiving
SAPMQMSP - Material Specifications
RQ_PLAN_CREATE_SAMPLE_FILE - Export Inspection Plan Data as File

Talent Management ABAP reports CA-EPT-TM

RPTMC_PROFILE_LAUNCHER - Configure Web Dynpro Applications for Talent Profile
RPTMC_TP_SYNC_EDU_WE_CUST_RCF - Customizing Synchronization of Talent Profile with Candidate Profile

Remote Control and Communication Framework ABAP reports CA-EPT-RCC


Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes ABAP reports CA-EPT-POC

POC_CUSTOMIZING - Customizing Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes
POCR_MAIN_QUEUE - Event Processing
POC_CHECK_SETUP - Configuration of Process Logging Check
POC_MODEL_CHECK - Process Definition Checks
POC_OBJ1 - Program for object type POC_OBJ1 : ZPOC_OBJ1
POC_OBJ2 - Program for object type POC_OBJ2 : ZPOC_OBJ2

Geographical Information System ABAP reports CA-EPT-GIS

CONSTANTS - Konstanten f

Time Data Recording and Administration ABAP reports PT-RC

RPTCORAPP - Clock-In/Out Corrections: Approve Documents
RCATSTAL - Time Sheet: Transfer to Target Components
RCATSC01 - Time Sheet: Approve Times (Selection by Master Data)
RCATSA01 - Time Sheet: Approve Times (Selection by Org. Assignment)
RPTCORPOST - Clock-In/Out Corrections: Post
RPTCOREMAIL - Clock-In/Out Corrections: E-Mails to Involved Persons
RPTCORDBVIEW - Display Clock-In/Out Corrections (Database)
RPTCORERR - Clock-In/Out Corrections: Process Errors in Entries
RPT_TMW - Time Manager's Workplace
RPTCORLIST - Clock-In/Out Corrections: Check Corrections
RPTCORTMAIL - Clock-In/Out Corrections: Request Correction of Errors
RPTCORSTOPWF - Clock-In/Out Corrections: End Open Processes
MP53LF98 - User-Specific Routines
MP53LF99 - User-Specific Routines
SAPMP53L - Module Pool for Incentive Wages Entries
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Full list of SAP PT Time Data Recording and Administration ABAP reports PT-RC

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