RE General ABAP reports

RFVIMAEA - RE: Rent Adjustment - Control for Activation/Reversal/Display
RFVIMACO - RE: Rent Adjustment - Calculation and Simulation
RFVIMADC - Rent Adjustment - Reminder for Adjustments That Have Not Been Approved
RFVIMPLN - PS Planning: Direct Entry to Planning Processor through Transactions
RFVIVD00 - Call-up of Various Transactions in DARWIN-Real Estate
SAPMF61A - Maintain Settlement Unit Screen
RFVISL71 - Reverse LO/RU Debit Pos., LO Accr./Def., MC Debit Pos., MC Stt, CN-Po.
SAPMF60R - Maintain Rooms
SAPMF62W - Cost Efficiency Analysis Based on II. WoBauG (German Building Law)
SAPMF63W - Application Master Data for Real Estate Managment
RFVIPM00 - Call Measurement Documents for Rental Units/Building
RFVIRECNSTART - Starts General Contract Maintenance (Replaces: BUSSTART)
SAPMF60A - Land Register Screen
SAPMF60Y - Customizing: Maintain Installation Parameters (Only client-dep.,TIPZZ)
SAPMF61C - Correction Items Maintenance
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Full list of SAP RE General ABAP reports

Flexible Real Estate Management ABAP reports RE-FX

RFRECPSFA140 - Correspondence: General Letter (Property)
RFREISCDCN - Info System: Conditions for Contracts
RFREISRR - Info System: RE Search Request
RFRERAPP - Periodic Posting: Contracts
RFREDSRS01 - Mass Syntax Check
RFREORRSPOST - Posting of Reservations and Continuous Occupancy
RFRECPSFTLXML - Utility: Mass Download (.XML) of Smart Forms
RFREEX_ACCDET_CHECK - Customizing Check: Flow Type, Account Symbol and Account (FI)
RFREMI50 - Data Conversion: Release 2.00 => ERP 2004
RFREBD_ARCH_BE_DEL - Archive Business Entities: Deletion Program
RBUS1517 - Program for Object Type BUS1517 : Offered Object
RFRECARSCN - Process Reminder Dates for Contracts
RFRECA_RE80_INITIAL - RE80: Start Program for Initial Tool
RFRECATM - Manage Text Modules
RFRECPSFA420 - Correspondence: Contract Form
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Full list of SAP RE Flexible Real Estate Management ABAP reports RE-FX

Real Estate Controlling ABAP reports RE-CO

RFVIPL01 - Copy From Cash Flow to Plan Version

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