TR General ABAP reports

RFVVVIEW - Report for View Format Acc. to Contract Type
RFTBFF00 - File interface: Import market data
SAPMF69P - Create/Edit Partner (In Respective Role)
SAPMFLQQRMAINT - Liquidity Calculation: Maintain Query
RFFMS002 - Cash Budget Mgt: Actual Data Matching: Totals Records <-> Line Items
SAPMF69N_CORE - Steuerungstransaktion f
RFVZBAV0_CORE - Steuerungstransaktion f
RFVDTAB0 - Comparison Flow Type - Account Determination
RFLQ_REBUILD - Liquidity Calculation: Reconstruct from FI
RFLQ_ASSIGN_BS - Liquidity Calc.: Assign Liquidity Item on Basis of Bank Statement
RFLQ_ASSIGN_FI - Liquidity Calc.: Assignment of Liquidity Item on Basis of FI Documents
RFLQ_DELETE - Liquidity Calculation: Delete Flow Data
RFLQ_FICHAIN - Liquidity Calculation: Analysis of First Assignment Step (FI)
RFLQ_LISTIT - Liquidity Calculation: Line Item List
RFLQ_LISTQR - Liquidity Calculation: Conditional Queries
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP TR General ABAP reports

Cash Budget Management ABAP reports TR-CB

RFFMS002 - Cash Budget Mgt: Actual Data Matching: Totals Records <-> Line Items
RFFMHIST - Apportionment of a (Payment) Document in Cash Budget Management
RFFMS100 - TR-CBM: Actual Data Leveling: FM Balances <-> FM Totals Records
RFFMS160 - Check on balances in Funds Management
SAPMFMWAZ - Program SAPMfmwaz
RFFMBEIOB - Actual/Commimtent Report for one Company Code
RFFMBEIOH - Report on Actuals and Commitments, with Hierarchy
RFFMBEPI - Plan/Actual/Commitment Report
RFFMPLIST - Report: "12 Period Forecast" - Actual and Plan
RFFMPLISTQ - Actual & Plan Report: Three-Period Display
RFFMRP18 - Subsequent Posting of Clearing Information to Cash Budget Management
RFFMZBVT - Carry Forward Funds Balances
RFFMS186 - Convert commitment item/30 in G/L account, documents, funds invoices
RFFMRP53 - Reconstruct Actual Data for Cash Budget Mgt from Purchase Orders
RFFMS008 - Funds Management Document Analysis
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP TR Cash Budget Management ABAP reports TR-CB

Line Item Settlement of AUC ABAP reports FI-AA-AA-TR-SL

SAPMA15B - Line Item Display of AuC Settlement
SAPMA12B - Settlement of Asset under Construction

Usage-Based Service Contract ABAP reports CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO


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