DELETE1 - Include MRFFMMP_COVR_PAI0041 PSM - Budgeting
RPUDELPN - delete Personnel Numbers Completely Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
RPUDEL20 - delete Payroll Results Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
RSXMB_DELETE_MESSAGES - delete XML Messages from the Persistency Layer Basis - Integration Engine
RHRHDL00 - delete Data Records from Personnel Planning Database Basis - Organizational Management
BUPA_TEST_DELETE - delete Business Partners App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
RSWWWIDE - WIM (public): delete Work Item Basis - SAP Business Workflow
SDRQCR21 - Recovery of Sales and Delivery Requirements SD - Basic Functions
BCALV_EDIT_04 - delete and append rows Basis - SAP List Viewer
RSPO1041 - delete Old Spool Requests Basis - Print and Output Management
RFEBKA96 - delete Buffer Financials - Basic Functions
RSBTCDEL - delete batch jobs Basis - Background Processing
RSAR_PSA_CLEANUP_DIRECTORY - PSA Directory CleanUp Program BW - Data Staging
RSPO0041 - delete Old Spool Requests Basis - Print and Output Management
CRM_ORDER_DELETE - Deletion of CRM Documents CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
RBDCPCLR - delete Change Pointers Basis - ALE Integration Technology
RSORAT4M - to be deleted T.S. 1/97 Basis - Performance Monitors (TCC)
RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS - Program for deleting selecteld entries from the data target BW - OLAP Technology
RFFMPSO1 - Create/Change/Dispay/delete/Approve/Reverse Request PSM - Funds Management-Specific Postings
COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE - Deletion of a product from the database App. Platform - Archiving
POWL_D01 - delete Queries from Database Basis - Personal Object Worklist
RSDMD_DEL_BACKGROUND - Hilfs-Report zum L BW - Data Basis
RSDELCUA - delete Central User Administration Basis - User and Authorization Management
RPUP2D00 - Display and delete Single Records in Database PCL2 Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
RMMDDIBE - Mass Processing of MRP Areas (Create/Change/delete) MM - Consumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP)
CRM_MESSAGES_DELETE - delete error messages from CRM business transactions (OSS 398914) CRM - Business Transactions
RPTARQDBDEL - delete Leave Requests (Database of Requests) Personnel Time Management - Personnel Time Management
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