RSTXSCRP - SAPscript export to Dataset / SAPscript Import from Dataset Basis - SAPscript
SAPLRRSV - General Service Functions -
SAPLKKBL - Dynamic List Display -
RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN - Scan ABAP Report Sources FI - Travel Expenses
OLE2INCL - Include with TYPE Definition Basis - Use BC-FES-CTL (see SAP Note 842824)
SMIGR_CREATE_DDL - Report SMIGR_CREATE_DDL: Generate DDL Statements for Migration Basis - Database Interface, Database Platforms
RS_TEMPLATE_MAINTAIN - Template Editor (with Transport Connection) BW - End User Technology
RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN - Source Scan ABAP Report Basis - ABAP Editor
RV64ANNN - Foreign Trade: Field Symbols for export License SD - Conditions
SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN - Report for Maintenance of ALV Control Data Basis - Web Dynpro ALV for ABAP
SAPMV52E - Module Pool Legal Control: export License - General SD - Basic Functions
SAP_FACTVIEWS_RECREATE - Creates UNION View of Both Fact Tables for All InfoCubes BW - Data Basis
SAPLV52E - export Control -
RV61ANNN - Foreign Trade: Field Symbols for export License SD - Conditions
RV60CNNN - Foreign Trade: Field Symbols for export License SD - Conditions
RPC2CA00 - Data Definition, Import/export Macros for Cluster CA Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
RDDFDBCK - Message After exporting or Importing Requests Basis - Transport Organizer
RSO_BC_FILES_IN_BDS - Import/export BW Demo Content Data for Business Content in BDS BW - Metadata (Repository)
RVEXDEIF - EXTRASTAT: File Creation for Import/export - France SD - Basic Functions
RDDIT006 - Report for determining customer export for exchange procedure Basis - Upgrade - General
ROUTING_CREATE_SAMPLE_FILE - export Task List Data as a File PP - Routing
RV61BNNN - Foreign Trade: Field Symbols for export License SD - Conditions
RPCEMDU0_CALL - Master Data export - US Payroll - Interface to External Payroll Systems
RVEXSE00 - NAFTA: Data Selection for Official Declaration - USA - exporters SD - Basic Functions
RSCMSEX - export a Complete Repository to a KPro Transport File Basis - Content Management Service
RVEXCH00 - V.A.R.: Select export billing documents - Switzerland SD - Basic Functions
RVEXEX00 - EXTRASTAT: Select Data for export to Non-EU Countries SD - Basic Functions
RVEXIDCA - Call IDoc Import / export SD - Basic Functions
RVEXKO00 - KOBRA: Select Data for export SD - Basic Functions
DEMO_DATA_EXT_CLUSTER_IMPORT - Reading Data Objects from Memory Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
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