PPARCHP1 - Production Order: Set Deletion flag and Deletion Indicator PP - Order Closing
BBP_VENDOR_SYNC - Program BBP_VENDOR_SYNC SRM - Enterprise Buyer
CORUPROC - Process Chain for Confirmation, Collective Run Background Processing PP - Confirmations
SAPMIEQ0 - Equipment PM - Equipment
RSMFCONV - Reset mode flag in DDXTT Basis - Upgrade - General
RADNTLANG - Set Nametab flag for Tables with One LANGU Field Basis - Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD
MMREO050 - Archive Materials Logistics - Material Master
MMREO001 - Selection of Materials flagged for Deletion Logistics - Material Master
MMREO110 - Deletion Program for Archiving Materials Logistics - Material Master
PRARCHP1 - Process Order: Activate Deletion flag and Deletion Indicator PP - Order Closing
SAPMM03G - Set Deletion flags for Material Logistics - Material Master
RISERNR9 - Copying of the Changed Stock Check flag Logistics - Serial Numbers
RSSM_DELETE_INITSEL_OLTP - Delete Initial Selections in OLTP and BW BW - Data Staging
RM06EV47 - Purchasing Document Archiving: Preprocessing Program MM - Purchasing
RIARCORVS - Archiving Orders: Initial Run PM - Maintenance Orders
RIARCORV - PM Order: Set Deletion flag / Deletion Indicator PM - Maintenance Orders
CCINCLC1 - Customer flags for Engineering Change Management Cross Application - Engineering Change Management
COPCOBJ_REORGCHECK - Check Whether Deletion flag Can Be Set CO - Overhead Cost Orders
RSXMB_MARK_DELETABLE_MESSAGES - flag XML Messages for Deletion Basis - Integration Engine
SWO_SET_UC_FLAG - Set Unicode flag for BOR Programs Basis - Business Object Builder
APB_LPD_RESET_CV_ADAPTED - Reset customer version adapted flag Basis - Launchpad
SAP_DBSTATC_CLEANUP - Cleanup of DBSTATC Table (for Use with BRCONNECT) BW - OLAP Technology
RSXPRAUP - Set and Reset flags for Execution of XPRA Basis - Upgrade - General
EWUARCHI - flag Non-Critical Archiving Objects Cross Application - Local Currency Changeover
RMFIFO20 - FIFO Valuation: flag Materials MM - Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures
RCIFMTDE - Program for Maintaining the Materials Deactivated in CIF Supply Chain Mgmt - SCM Basis
RQRQAB00 - Archiving of QM Transaction Data, Setting Archiving flag QM - Quality Inspection
BUPA_PREPARE_DA - Business Partner: Set Deletion/Archiving flag App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
RM06IMKI - Conv. Consi Price Segments into Info Record: Set Deletion flag in MKOP MM - Purchasing
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