RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE - Activation of infocubes BW - Data Basis
SAP_INFOCUBE_INDEXES_REPAIR - Repairs Indentification of Existing infocubes BW - Data Basis
SAP_FACTVIEWS_RECREATE - Creates UNION View of Both Fact Tables for All infocubes BW - Data Basis
SAP_CONVERT_NORMAL_TRANS - Conversion: Normal <--> Transactional infocube BW - Data Basis
RSAPO_CLOSE_TRANS_REQUEST_ALL3 - Close Write Requests for All Transactional infocubes BW - Data Basis
SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS - Print a list of the cubes in the system and their layout BW - Data Basis
SBIE0001 - Data extraction using SUBMIT_JOB as batch process Basis - BW Service API
RSINPUT - Data Entry for Demo and Prototyping BW - Business Explorer
RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS - Program for deleting selecteld entries from the data target BW - OLAP Technology
RSCOMP1 - Start compressing infocubes and aggregates BW - Data Staging
RSDELPART1 - Execute infocube aggregation BW - Data Staging
RADBTDDF - Forms zum Zugriff auf die DD-Tabellen Basis - Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD
SAP_AGGREGATES_DEACTIVATE - Deactivating the Aggregates of an infocube BW - OLAP Technology
SAP_AGGREGATES_ACTIVATE_FILL - Activating and Filling the Aggregates of an infocube BW - OLAP Technology
SAPLAWRT - ALE via Web (BFA Web) Runtime System -
RSDDTREX_MEMORY_ESTIMATE - Estimate Memory Usage of BWA Index to infocubes BW - OLAP Technology
SAP_ANALYZE_ALL_INFOCUBES - Create DB Statistics for all infocubes BW - Data Basis
SAPMRSD0 - Start: Editing infocube / InfoObject catalog BW - Data Basis
RSINDEX1 - Index and statistics for infocubes BW - Data Staging
RSDG_CUBE_DELETE - Deleting infocubes BW - Data Basis
RSDELREQ1 - Execute infocube Aggregation BW - Data Staging
RSDDK_AGGRCOMP_COPY - Copy of Aggregate Definitions from One infocube to Another BW - OLAP Technology
RSDDTREX_BIA_ACTIVATE_FILL - Activate and fill BWA indices for several infocubes BW - OLAP Technology
RSBOOK1 - Execute infocube aggregation BW - Data Staging
RS_BCT_UC_MAKYF01 - Fortschreibung von Kennzahlen des infocubes 0UCMA_C01 BW - Utilities Industry
CL_RSDD_DS====================CP - List Display of infocubes (with RSDR) -
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