RKANBU01 - Transfer Purchase Requisition and purchase order Commitments CO - Overhead Cost Orders
RM06BB30 - Automatic Creation of purchase orders from Requisitions MM - Purchasing
RM06EEI0 - Transfer of purchase orders MM - Purchasing
RM06BB20 - Automatic Creation of purchase orders from Requisitions MM - Purchasing
SAPFM06P - Print Program for Purchasing Documents MM - Purchasing
BBP_PD - Document Display (Procurement Framework) SRM - Enterprise Buyer
FREBUS2012 - Program for object type FREBUS2012 : purchase orderFRE Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
RV50SBT1 - Sales orders/purchase orders worklist: Selection SD - Basic Functions
RMBESTK3 - Tool for Rebuilding purchase orders MM - External Services
SAPLMEWP - BAPIs purchase order MM - Basic Functions
RM06IBP0 - purchase order Price History MM - Purchasing
RM06BB10 - Modules for Automatic Generation of purchase orders MM - Purchasing
RM06EEI1 - Transfer of purchase order History MM - Purchasing
SAPMWFRM1 - Generation of Collective purchase orders Logistics - Merchandise Distribution
LMIGODP2 - Detail tabstrip purchase order implementation -
RBUS2201 - Program for object type BUS2201 : purchase order SRM - Enterprise Buyer
RBDCUS26 - ALE Consistency Check: Create purchase order from Sales Order Cross Application - ALE Business Process Library
REXPDSEL - Progress Tracking: purchase order Selection Project Systems - Progress Tracking
RM06ENHI - Analysis of purchase order Values MM - Purchasing
MM70AEFA - Output from purchase orders SD - Output Determination
RXPDANALYSIS - Progress Tracking Evaluations: Selection of purchase orders Project Systems - Progress Tracking
RMEBEIN7 - Make Price Change in Open purchase orders MM - Purchase Orders
RSNAST00 - Selection Program for Issuing Output SD - Output Determination
SAPMM06E - Module Pool: PO History MM - Purchasing
CLEAN_REQREQ_UP - cleans the reqreq entrys up according to the core system SRM - Enterprise Buyer
BBP_GET_STATUS_2 - Update Status Information SRM - Enterprise Buyer
RSNASTED - Analysis of NAST Record for Output Type 6 (EDI) Basis - ALE Integration Technology
FM06PE02 - Include FM06PE02 MM - Purchasing
SAPMV45A - Sales order Processing SD - Sales
SPRSL - TEXT Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN - Test program for function module CRM_order_MAINTAIN CRM - Business Transactions
RSWUWFML2 - Sending notifications for work items Basis - SAP Business Workflow
CRM_ORDER_READ - Test program for function module CRM_order_READ CRM - Business Transactions
MV45AFZB - User Exits SD - Material Maintenance
SAPMM07M - Module Pool for Goods Movements MM - Inventory Management
MV50AFZ1 - User Exit as of 21D for Delivery Processing SD - Material Maintenance
CRM_ORDER_SAVE - Save document CRM - Business Transactions
SDRQCR21 - Recovery of Sales and Delivery Requirements SD - Basic Functions
CHANGE - Program for Object Category BUS1039 : Change Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
RVADOR01 - Print Program for Sales Documents SD - Basic Functions
BBP_ALERT_SB_NOTTRANSFERED - Generation of CCMS Alerts ab 3.0 SRM - Enterprise Buyer
RSTXFCPY - Copy Forms Between Clients Basis - SAPscript
RM06IBI0 - Batch Input for Purchasing Info Records MM - Purchasing
RM06BZ10 - Assign purchase Requisitions MM - Purchasing
RSSCD100 - Display Change Documents Basis - System Audit Information System
BBP_CND_CUSTOMIZING_CHECK - Check Customizing Settings for Conditions SRM - Cross-Application Functions
RSNASTSO - Output Control Processing Program: Call up SAP Office SD - Output Determination
SAPLBBP_PDIAD - Allgemeine Positionsdaten -
BBP_ALERT_SC_STATUS_ERROR - Selection of Erroneous Shopping Cart Items -> Create Alert SRM - Enterprise Buyer
RMMPS000 - Batch Main Program for MPS PP - Master Data
RM06EAV1 - Purchasing Document Changes MM - Purchasing
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