Description : Customer Function Call f
Main Category : Basis
Sub Category : BW Service API

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EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 - Customer Function Call f Basis - BW Service API
EXIT_SAPLRSAP_004 - Customer Function Call f Basis - BW Service API
EXIT_SAPLRSAP_003 - Customer Function Call f Basis - BW Service API
BW_BTE_CALL_BW204010_E - BW Extraktion PlugIn BTE: Bewegungsdaten-Versorgung (ab 40B) Cross Application - Open Information Warehouse
RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE - Template: Basis - BW Service API

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RSAP0001 - Program for object type SAP0001 : BapiService Basis - BW Service API
SBIE0001 - Data extraction using SUBMIT_JOB as batch process Basis - BW Service API
RSA1_TRFC_OPTION_SET - BW Service API: Behavior in tRFC Outbound Scheduling Basis - BW Service API
RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL - Activate all active transfer structures for a source system BW - Warehouse Management
SAPLRSAP - Reporting Server: Service API -
SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN - RSADMIN Administration BW - OLAP Technology

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VBAK - Sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales
BKPF - Accounting Document Header FI - Financial Accounting
A784 - Sales org./Currency/Pgm id SD - Conditions
MARA - General Material Data Logistics - Material Master
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
EKPO - Purchasing Document Item MM - Purchasing

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