table - CRMC_TOOL_CO

Description : CRM Service: Cost Center / Activity Type for Tool
Main Category : CO
Sub Category : Controlling
Table type : TRANSP

Related tables

CSKU - Cost Element Texts CO - Controlling
CSKA - Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts) CO - Controlling
CSKB - Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area) CO - Controlling
FCOM_KSTAR - Cost Elements for Users Enterprise Portal - Business Package for Manager Self-Service (FI)
FERC_C12T - Cost element variant texts FI - Financial Accounting

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CSKB - Start order Browser Logistics - Bills of Material
SE11 - ABAP Dictionary Maintenance Basis - Dictionary Maintenance
ME52N - Change Purchase Requisition MM - Purchasing
KP06 - Change CElem/Activity Input Planning CO - Cost Center Accounting
SWO1 - Business Object Builder Basis - Business Object Builder

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