table - FMFGRCT

Description : Reason Code texts
Main Category : PSM
Sub Category : US Prompt Payment Act
Table type : TRANSP

Related tables

FMFG_BLSTAT - Budgetary Ledger Status PSM - Funds Management
FMFGT_PO - Payment Office - U.S. Federal Government PSM - Funds Management
FMFGYECLAA - US Federal Gov't : Y/E Pre-Closing of Anticipated Accounts PSM - Functions for U.S. Federal Government
FMFG_BUTYPE - Budgetary ledger Attributes of the budget type PSM - Functions for U.S. Federal Government
FMFG_PRIOR_RPTKF - Prior Reported Keyfigures PSM - Functions for U.S. Federal Government
FMFGT_SS01 - Payment Statistical Sampling Process Activation table PSM - Funds Management

Related tcodes

CRMC_PARTNER_FCT - Maintenance of Partner Functions CRM - Partner Processing
WCM - Work Clearance Management PM - Work Clearance Management

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