Description : Reporter Category Actions
Main Category : PSM
Sub Category : Functions for U.S. Federal Government
Table type : TRANSP

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FMUSFG_GWA_ELIGI - Target System Eligibility PSM - Functions for U.S. Federal Government
FMUSFG_GWA_RCVAL - Reporter Category Validity PSM - Functions for U.S. Federal Government
FMSPLIT_SPLIT - Distributions for Rule-Based Account Distributions PSM - Funds Management
FMFGT_SS04 - Payment Statistical Sampling Proc. Batch/certify Dates PSM - US Prompt Payment Act
FMFGT_ALC - Agency Location Code - U.S. Federal Government PSM - Funds Management

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BP - Maintain Business Partner App. Platform - Dialog SAP-GUI
SM37 - Overview of job selection Basis - Background Processing
MMPV - Close Periods Logistics - Material Master

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