Description : Handling Unit Phys. Inv. Doc. - Serial Numbers for Item
Main Category : Logistics
Sub Category : Basic functions
Table type : TRANSP

Related tables

HUMSEG_SER - Serial Numbers for the HUMSEG Table Logistics - Basic functions
HTTPURLLOC - HTTP URL Location Exception Table Basis - Client/Server Technology
HUINV_ITEM - Handling Unit: Physical Inventory Document Item Logistics - Basic functions
HUINV_HDR - Handling Unit: Phys. Inv. Document Header Logistics - Basic functions
HUM_KOMMI - HUM Picking with Partial GI Posting PP - Material Identification and Reconciliation

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IQ03 - Display Material Serial Number PM - Equipment
SPRO - Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
SM58 - Asynchronous RFC Error Log Basis - RFC
SXMB_MONI - Integration Engine - Monitoring Basis - Integration Engine

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