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Description : Individual Status for Each Handling Unit
Main Category : Logistics
Sub Category : Basic functions
Table type : TRANSP

Related Tables

HUMSEG - Reference-HU-Item for Material Doc.Item that was Posted Last Logistics - Basic functions
HUSTOBJ - Information about HU Status Object Logistics - Basic functions
HUEXIDV - Table with key 'external ID' Logistics - Basic functions
HTTP_WHITELIST - HTTP White List Basis - Client/Server Technology
HUMSEG_SER - Serial Numbers for the HUMSEG Table Logistics - Basic functions

Transaction codes for table HUSSTAT

HU02 - Creating and Changing Handling Units Logistics - Basic functions
HUMO - HU Monitor Logistics - Editing
WE21 - Port definition Basis - ALE Integration Technology
SE41 - Menu Painter Basis - Menu Painter
VL10A - Sales Orders Due for Delivery Logistics Execution - Shipping
VL10 - Edit User-specific Delivery List Logistics Execution - Shipping

FMs for table HUSSTAT

BAPI_HU_CHANGE_HEADER - Logistics - Basic functions
HU_STATUS_SET - Setzten eine HU-Bewegungsstatus Logistics - Basic functions
STATUS_UPDATE - Update of the status changes Cross Application - General status management
MB_CREATE_MATERIAL_DOCUMENT - Aus dem Rohbeleg werden Warenausgangs- und Buchhaltungsbeleg erzeugt. MM - Inventory Management
HU_CHANGE_STATUS - Umsetzten des HU-Status bei WE und WA mit nicht HU-LGORT Logistics - Basic functions
HU_STATUS_UPDATE - Datenbankupdate der HU Statustabellen Logistics - Basic functions

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