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Description : SD tax codes
Main Category : FI
Sub Category : Localization
Table type : TRANSP

Related Tables

J_1BTXLAWSEQ - Sequence for Tax Law Determination FI - Localization
J_1BVIEWMAP - Map Tax Rate Tables to Condition Tables FI - Localization
J_1IPART2 - Excise Part II details FI - Localization
J_1IRG1 - Excise RG1 details FI - Localization
J_1B_ERROR - Definition of error code per bank and return code FI - Localization

Transaction codes for table J_1BTXSDC

BBPUPDVD - Update Vendor Master Record SRM - Enterprise Buyer
TU02 - Parameter Changes on this Instance Basis - Performance Monitors (TCC)
FB01 - Post Document FI - Financial Accounting
QA11 - Record usage decision QM - Inspection Lot Completion
QDV1 - Create sampling procedure QM - Samples and SPC
QE51N - Results Recording Worklist QM - Results Recording

FMs for table J_1BTXSDC

ABAP reports for table J_1BTXSDC

BWOM2_TIMEST - BWOM2_TIMEST: Time-stamp Maintenance CO - Information System, iViews
RSSOAPUT - Mass Archiving of Documents Basis - Use Subcomponents

BW datasources for table J_1BTXSDC

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