Description : Directory of the reporting component elements
Main Category : BW
Sub Category : End User Technology
Table type : TRANSP

Related tables

RSZCOMPDIR - Directory of reporting components BW - End User Technology
RSZELTXREF - Directory of query element references BW - End User Technology
RSZELTTXT - Texts of reporting component elements BW - End User Technology
RSRREPDIR - Directory of all reports BW - OLAP Technology
RSZGLOBV - Global Variables in Reporting BW - End User Technology

Related tcodes

SE16 - Data Browser Basis - Workbench Utilities
RSA1 - Modeling - DW Workbench BW - Data Warehousing Workbench
SE11 - ABAP Dictionary Maintenance Basis - Dictionary Maintenance
SE38 - ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor
RSZDELETE - Deletion of query objects BW - End User Technology
RSRT - Start of the report monitor BW - OLAP Technology

Related FMs

RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE_SINGLE - Kopiert Queries zwischen InfoCubes BW - End User Technology
RSSB_AUTHORITY_COMP_CHECK - Berechtigungsschutz von Komponenten im Business Explorer Query Editor BW - Business Explorer
RSZ_I_BASIC_CHA_WHERE_USED - Verwendungsnachweis f BW - End User Technology
RSZ_X_COMPONENT_GET - Laden einer Komponente mit allen abh BW - End User Technology
RRM_SV_VAR_WHERE_USED_LIST_GET - Verwendungsnachweis f BW - End User Technology

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Related BW datasources

0FI_GL_4 - General Ledger: Line Items with Delta Extraction FI - General Ledger Accounting
0BWTC_C11 - BW Statistics: Transact.Data Deletion from InfoCube -
0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER - Profit center Enterprice Controlling - Profit Center Accounting
2LIS_02_S015 - Subsequent Settlement: Evaluation MM - Materials Management
0MATERIAL_LPRH_HIER - Material number Logistics - Logistics - General
0ORGUNIT_HR01_HIER - Organizational unit -

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S_QUERY - SAP Query Authorization -
S_TCODE - Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start -
S_ALV_LAYO - ALV Standard Layout -
S_USER_GRP - User Master Maintenance: User Groups -

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