table - T006ET

Description : Systems for Units of Measurement (Entities -> Texts)
Main Category : App. Platform
Sub Category : SAP Business Partner
Table type : TRANSP

Related tables

T006D_OIB - Add-On Extension for Dimensions Basis - Units of Measurement
T006I - ISO codes for units of measurement Basis - Units of Measurement
T006 - Units of Measurement Basis - Units of Measurement
T006EE - Systems for Units of Measurement (Entities) App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
T006T - Dimension Texts Basis - Units of Measurement

Related tcodes

CUNI - Units of measure Basis - Units of Measurement
KALA - Activate Reconciliation Ledger CO - Cost Element Accounting
SM12 - Display and Delete Locks Basis - Enqueue
VOV7 - Maintain Item Categories SD - Basic Functions
SWB_COND - Maintain Workflow Start Conditions Basis - SAP Business Workflow
SWETYPV - Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages Basis - SAP Business Workflow

Related ABAP Reports

BBP_GET_EXRATE - Update exchange rate tables in component system SRM - Enterprise Buyer
BBP_GET_STATUS - Program BBP_GET_STATUS SRM - Enterprise Buyer
BBP_GET_CURRENCY - Update currency tables in component system SRM - Enterprise Buyer

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