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Description : Purchasing Groups
Main Category : MM
Sub Category : Purchasing
Table type : TRANSP

Related Tables

T023 - Material Groups Logistics - Material Groups
T156 - Movement Type MM - Inventory Management
T161T - Texts for Purchasing Document Types MM - Purchasing
T001W - Plants/Branches Logistics - Plant Master
T024E - Purchasing Organizations MM - Purchasing

Transaction codes for table T024

SPRO - Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
SE11 - ABAP Dictionary Maintenance Basis - Dictionary Maintenance
SE16 - Data Browser Basis - Workbench Utilities
VA01 - Create Sales Order SD - Sales
MIRO - Enter Incoming Invoice MM - Invoice Verification
MIGO - Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management

FMs for table T024

REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY - Output of a simple list (single-line) Basis - SAP List Viewer
F4_FILENAME - F4 for filename / Filemanager support to locate file in a directory PM - Plant Maintenance
USER_SETTINGS - User settings Basis - Terminology/Glossary
WS_UPLOAD - OBSOLETE: Transfer Presentation Server File to Internal Table Basis - Graphic
REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY - Output a simple list (single line or several lines) Basis - SAP List Viewer
SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 - SAPoffice: Send new document with attachments using RFC Basis - Use Subcomponents

ABAP reports for table T024

RSPARAM - Display SAP Profile Parameters Basis - Workbench Tools: Editors, Painters, Modelers
AW01N - Asset Explorer FI - Basic Functions
RSARFCEX - Execute Calls Not Yet Executed Basis - ALE Integration Technology
SAPLSPO1 - ?... -
RGIVU000_TEMPLATE - SAP Exits for Variable Field Movements FI - Basic Functions
RSEOUT00 - Process All Selected IDocs (EDI) Basis - ALE Integration Technology

BW datasources for table T024

2LIS_02_ITM - Purchasing Data (Item Level) MM - Materials Management
2LIS_11_VAITM - Sales Document Item Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_11_VAHDR - Sales Document Header Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_13_VDHDR - Billing Doc. Header Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_12_VCITM - Delivery Item Data SD - Sales and Distribution
2LIS_03_BX - Stock Initialization for Inventory Management MM - Materials Management

Authorization objects for table T024

P_TCODE - HR: Transaction codes -
PLOG - Personnel Planning -
S_USER_VAL - Authorizations: Field Values in Roles -
E_GRID - Authorization Object for Grid -
S_RFC_ADM - Administration for RFC Destination -
S_TCODE - Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start -

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