Description : Check on S_TCODE at call transaction
Main Category : Basis
Sub Category : ABAP Authorization and Role Management
Table type : TRANSP

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AUTHORITY_CHECK_TCODE - Authorization Check for Start of a Transaction Basis - User and Authorization Management
CALL_TRANSACTION - Transaktion starten mit Berechtigungspr PP - Master Data
DSVAS_TEXTE_CONVERT_ITF2ASCII - Service - Service Session Workbench
BAPI_PO_CHANGE - Change Purchase Order MM - Purchasing
CSIMCOMP_WHEREUSED - Konfig.Simulation: Verwendungsnachweis bei Mat.Sort Logistics - Integrated Product and Process Engineering
GET_GLOBALS_FROM_SLVC_FULLSCR - Holen von globalen Daten aus der Fugr SLVC_FULLSCREEN Basis - SAP List Viewer

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S_TCODE - Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start -
M_BEST_BSA - Document Type in Purchase Order -
S_TABU_DIS - Table Maintenance (via standard tools such as SM30) -
K_REPO_CCA - CO-CCA: Reporting on Cost Centers/Cost Elements -
S_SPO_DEV - Spool: Device authorizations -
S_TRANSPRT - Transport Organizer -

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