table - TCF02

Description : PRT categories
Main Category : PP
Sub Category : Production Resources/Tools
Table type : TRANSP

Related tables

TCF10 - PRT control key PP - Production Resources/Tools
TCF04 - Status of the PRT master PP - Production Resources/Tools
TCF05 - Language-dependent text table for PRT status PP - Production Resources/Tools
TCF12 - Key for grouping production resources/tools PP - Production Resources/Tools
TCF11 - Language-dependent text table for PRT control keys PP - Production Resources/Tools

Related tcodes

WA09 - Deletion of Allocation Tables Logistics - Allocation
WA07 - Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Wrhse Orders Logistics - Allocation
WA06 - Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Deliveries Logistics - Allocation
V/07 - Maintain Access (Sales Price) SD - Material Maintenance
PR00 - Travel expenses FI - Travel Expenses
CORR - Collective Entry of Confirmations PP - Process Order

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