AP-MD-BP General tables

CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU - Determining Function Modules for Data Exchange: BP
BUT053 - BP Relationship: Company Interest
COMM_CLEAR_TARG - Data Cleansing: Target Object List
BUTP_XMAP - Mapping table between XML and BAPI structures
BUT_DNC - BP: Telephone Numbers of the "Do Not Call" List
BUT0VP - BP: Business Partner Assignment and Links
BUT_DNC_OLD - BP: Telephone Numbers of the "Do Not Call" List
BUT030 - BP Where-Used List: Usages
BUT030T - BP Object Usage: Application Table, Texts
COMM_CLEAR_DEP - Data Cleansing: Table of Referencing Objects
BUT010 - GP: old, do not use ==> BUT020
BUT030G - BP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes
BUT030GT - BP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes, Text
BUT054 - BP Relationship (not used yet)
BUXPRA - Business Partner: XPRA Management Table
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP AP-MD-BP General tables

Dialog SAP-GUI tables AP-MD-BP-UI

BUT_LOCA_APPL - Locator Applications
BUT_LOCA_APPLT - Locator Applications: Descriptions
BUT_TODO_PREMO - Personalization: Selected Objects per User
V_TBZJ1 - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ1
V_TBZJ1C - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ1C
BUT_LOCA_PSHIST - Locator Personalization: Search History
TBZJ4 - SAP BP Dialog: Dialog Extensions
TBZJ4C - SAP BP Dialog: Dialog Extensions, Sequence
V_TBZJ4 - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ4
V_TBZJ4C - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ4C
BUT_LOCA_CSAP - Locator Customizing: Search Applications
BUT_LOCA_CSAPT - Locator Customizing: Search Application Texts
BUT_LOCA_CSID - Locator Customizing: Search IDs
BUT_LOCA_CSIDT - Locator Customizing: Search IDs Texts
BUT_LOCA_CSTY - Locator Customizing: Search Categories
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP AP-MD-BP Dialog SAP-GUI tables AP-MD-BP-UI

Data tables AP-MD-BP-BP

BUTP_XMAP - Mapping table between XML and BAPI structures
BUTP_TP - TP common data

Group Hierarchy tables AP-MD-BP-GRH

BUT_HIER_TREE - Business Partner Group Hierarchy
BUT_HIER_NODE_BP - Business Partner Hierarchy Group - Bus. Partner Assignment
BUT_HIER_NODE - Business Partner Hierarchy Group
BUT_HIER_TYPE - Business Partner Group Hierarchy Category (GUID)
BUT_HIER_STRUCT - Business Partner Hierarchy Group - Hierarchy Relationship
BUT_HIER_NODE_D - Business Partner Hierarchy Group - Description
BUT_HIER_TREE_D - Business Partner Group Hierarchy - Description
V_TBH01 - Generated Table for View V_TBH01

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