BUT_LOCA_APPL - Locator Applications
BUT_LOCA_APPLT - Locator Applications: Descriptions
BUT_TODO_PREMO - Personalization: Selected Objects per User
V_TBZJ1 - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ1
V_TBZJ1C - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ1C
BUT_LOCA_PSHIST - Locator Personalization: Search History
TBZJ4 - SAP BP Dialog: Dialog Extensions
TBZJ4C - SAP BP Dialog: Dialog Extensions, Sequence
V_TBZJ4 - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ4
V_TBZJ4C - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ4C
BUT_LOCA_CSAP - Locator Customizing: Search Applications
BUT_LOCA_CSAPT - Locator Customizing: Search Application Texts
BUT_LOCA_CSID - Locator Customizing: Search IDs
BUT_LOCA_CSIDT - Locator Customizing: Search IDs Texts
BUT_LOCA_CSTY - Locator Customizing: Search Categories

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