ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure tables BC-DWB

SFLIGHT - Flight
SPFLI - Flight schedule
SBOOK - Single Flight Booking
T100 - Messages
ENLFDIR - Additional Attributes for Function Modules
DD03L - Table Fields
MODSAPT - SAP Enhancements - Short Texts
SCARR - Airline
DD02L - SAP Tables
SCUSTOM - Flight customers
MODTEXT - Enhancement Projects - Short Texts
MODACT - Modifications
FUNCT - Function Module Short Texts
MODSAP - SAP Enhancements
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure tables BC-DWB

ABAP Runtime Environment tables BC-ABA

TSTC - SAP Transaction Codes
TRDIR - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
TFDIR - Function Module
TSTCT - Transaction Code Texts
VARI - ABAP/4: Variant storage (similar to INDX)
TVARVC - Table of Variant Variables (Client-Specific)
TVARV - Table of variables in selection criteria
APQI - Queue info definition
SVERS - SAP Release
VARID - Variant directory
D020S - System table D020S (screen sources)
SNAPT - ABAP Runtime Error Texts
TRDIRT - Title texts for programs in TRDIR
LDBS - Directory and structure for logical databases
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC ABAP Runtime Environment tables BC-ABA

Basis Services / Communication Interfaces tables BC-SRV

CDHDR - Change document header
NAST - Message Status
ADRC - Addresses (Business Address Services)
TCURR - Exchange Rates
BUT000 - BP: General data I
STXH - STXD SAPscript text file header
ADR6 - E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)
SOOD - SAPoffice: Object definition
STXL - STXD SAPscript text file lines
T247 - Month name and short text
T006 - Units of Measurement
T005T - Country Names
SOFM - SAPoffice: Folder contents
SRGBTBREL - Relationships in GOS Environment
RTAB - Remote Submit: Programs for Generating Secondary Lists
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Basis Services / Communication Interfaces tables BC-SRV

BW Service API tables BC-BW

ROOSOURCE - Table Header for SAP BW OLTP Sources (Relevant From 2.0)
ROOSFIELD - DataSource Fields
RSBASIDOC - Assignment of source systems to BIW systems incl. IDoc type
RSADMIN - Data import administration settings
ROOSPRMSC - Control Parameter Per DataSource Channel
ROOSPRMSF - Control Parameters Per DataSource
ROIDOCPRMS - Control parameters for data transfer from the source system
ROOSGENDLM - Generic Delta Management for DataSources (Client-Dep.)
RODELTAM - BW Delta Process
ROOSGEN - Generated Objects for OLTP Source
ROOHIECAT - Additional Hierarchy Information for DS in Source System
RSSGTPDIR - BW generation tool: Directory of the generated programs
ROOSPRMS - Control Parameters Per DataSource
ROVERCUBE1 - Transaction Data for Verification Scenarios
ROIS - InfoSources in the source systems
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC BW Service API tables BC-BW

Client/Server Technology tables BC-CST

REPOSRC - Report Source Code
DDLOG - Buffer Synchronization
DYNPSOURCE - Contains Screen Source Information (Compressed)
VBDATA - Update data
VBHDR - Update header
HTTPURLLOC - HTTP URL Location Exception Table
VBMOD - Update function modules
D010SINF - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
REPOLOAD - Report Loads (Loads and Line References)
REPOTEXT - Report Texts
PATCHHIST - History of Kernel Patch
DYNPLOAD - Screen Loads
D010LINF - Generated Table for View D010LINF
D345T - Table for Long GUI Objects (Texts)
D347T - GUI Title
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Client/Server Technology tables BC-CST

SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents tables BC-MOB

MEREP_207 - Replica DB for Timed 2-Way Sync
MEREP_DELTABO - Delta BO Queue Received from the Backend
BWAFMAPP - WAF: Mapping Method Name Function Module
MEMAPPDEST - RFC Destination for Mobile Engine Mapping
MEREP_PERSON - Person (Sample Application)
INPUT_TAB - ME - Synchronization Example (Storage of Input Data)
MEREP_10700 - Mobile Sync Key Control Table
MEMSD_DEP - Mobile Solution Descriptor: Dependencies
MEREP_ADDRESS - Address (Sample Application)
MEREP_E_MAIL - E-mail Addressa (Sample Application)
MEREP_504 - Inbox/Outbox Data
BWAFAPPVER - Version Management of WAF Applications
BWAFDEVTYP - WAF: Device Classes for Controlling Installation
MDK_INVENTORY - MDK Inventory Example - Data Table
MEREP_810 - Common Table for Migration
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents tables BC-MOB

Upgrade - General tables BC-UPG

TODIR - Object List for Switch
CVERS - Release Status of Software Components in System
PAT03 - Patch Directory
SHADOW - Table for shadow system (during upgrade) exclusively
OCSCMPLOBJ - Complete Information for Objects (with TADIR and Lock Key)
PAT01 - Patch Status
NCVERS - Table of Software Components in the Shadow Repository
PAT05 - SAP Patch Manager Settings
AVERS_EXT - Additional Information for Software components (in AVERS)
ADDONCHECK - Relationship Between Enterprise Add-Ons + Check F. Modules
CVERS_REF - Reference Table for CVERS Entries
UVERS - Upgrade Information
CWBDEHEAD - Delivery event (release/Support Package)
CWBNTCI - Assignment of Note to correction instructions
CWBCMPNT - Software components
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Upgrade - General tables BC-UPG

Internationalization (I18N) tables BC-I18

TCP0C - Locale names for setting up C-libraries
TCPDB - Code page used in this database
UMGSETTING - Unicode conversion Tool: Settings
TCP00 - SAP code page catalog
TCP0D - Localizing the database
TCPSBUILD - Iterative Structure of Code Page Segments
CFONT_INFO - I18N: Cascading fonts and related info
CFUNICODE_BLOCK - I18N: Cascading font, unicode area and its block
CFONT_CHAR_WIDTH - I18N: Cascading font, unicode and its width for a font
CFONT_MAINLOG - I18N:Cascading font, log table
CFONT_MAPPING - I18N:Cascading font, mapping between SAPfont and other fonts
CFONT_TEMP_FILE - I18N:cascading font, temp uploaded file
CCONTAINER - Find Container C C
T002V - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
TCP00A - Code Page Attributes
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Internationalization (I18N) tables BC-I18

Business Server Pages tables BC-BSP

BSAUTHORS - Table of Authors
BSBOOK - Bookshop - Table of Books
BSCATALOG - Bookshop Catalog of All Available Books
BSPDEFPAG - BSP: Table with Default Contents for BSP Pages
BSPARTICLE - Goods Table BSP Bookshop
BSPBINCL - BSP Generated Includes for BAPI Calls
BSPDETAIL - BSP Bookshop Short Description Book Contents
BSPEXTSKIN - BSP extension skin table (mapping of BSP element classes)
AUCATEGORY - Category masquerading list
AUODESC - Auction Offer Description Cluter Database Table
AUOFFER - Auction Offer Table
AUUSER - User Table for the eRhine Auction House
CO2MAP - Convert Information, Methods Include <-> ASP+ Source
CO2MAPINF - Header Information for CO2MAP
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Business Server Pages tables BC-BSP

Security tables BC-SEC

USR02 - Logon Data (Kernel-Side Use)
USR01 - User master record (runtime data)
AGR_1016 - Name of the activity group profile
USR21 - Assign user name address key
AGR_PROF - Profile name for role
AGR_CUSTOM - Role Customizing objects
AGR_1016B - Name of the activity group profile
AGR_USERS - Assignment of roles to users
AGR_1251 - Authorization data for the activity group
USR03 - User address data
AGR_TCODES - Assignment of roles to Tcodes
UST12 - User master: Authorizations
USOBT_C - Relation Transaction > Auth. Object (Customer)
USER_ADDR - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
AGR_HIERT - Role menu texts
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Security tables BC-SEC

Change & Transport System tables BC-CTS

TADIR - Directory of Repository Objects
RESP - Project Number for SAP Partner
E070 - Change & Transport System: Header of Requests/Tasks
T000 - Clients
E071 - Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071K - Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
OBJS - Object: Object List
TRBAT - Communication Table for Transport Control
E07T - Change & Transport System: Short Texts for Requests/Tasks
OBJT - Description of Type T Objects (Separate Transaction)
TDEVC - Packages
VRSD - Version management: Directory table
TRESC - Reserved Names for Customizing Tables/Objects
E070C - CTS: Source/Target Client of Requests/Tasks
E070L - CTS: Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Change & Transport System tables BC-CTS

Component Integration / Installation Windows Components tables BC-CI

MIMETYPES - Table of MIME types
ECLSTCATS - Categories of Redlining Stamps for 2D ECL Viewer
ECLUSERS - Linking Users and Stamps of the ECL Viewer
WWWPARAMS - Parameter settings for Web Reporting
WWWFUNC - Release table for function modules in WebReporting
WWWDATA - INDX-type table for storing WWW objects
WWWREPS - Release table for reports in WebReporting
W3TREES - Internet-enabled Reporting Trees (-> Transaction SERP)
IACVERSTAB - Information about IAC versions
ECLSTAMPS - Table of All Existing Stamps for ECL Viewer
WWWLANGRES - Language resources for ITS objects

Database Interface, Database Platforms tables BC-DB

DBCON - Description of Database Connections
DBTABLOG - Log Records of Table Changes
SDBAH - Header Table for DBA Logs
SDBAD - Detail Table for DBA Logs
DBSTATC - Configuration of Statistics Creation
MSSPROCS - MS SQL Server: Stored Procedures
DBATL - Central Task / Job Information
LCINIT - Control Table for liveCache Initialization (Application)
DBAN - Buffer for dban_state
SDBAC - DBA Action Table
DBSTATS - Control for Application Monitor and CBO: Setup
MSSSOURCE - MS SQL Server: Stored Procedures Source Code
DBSTATHDB4 - History of Table Sizes in the Database
DBAML - Job / Job Step Utility View
IADB6 - DB6: Table Type -> Index for DB2 Universal Database
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Database Interface, Database Platforms tables BC-DB

Services tables BC-XI-IBC-SRV

SSRVSERVICE - XI: Services, Party Identifiers for a Service
SSRVCHANNEL - XI Services: Channels
SSRVBINDING - XI Services: Bindings
SDBINDING2 - Service Directory: Table of Service Bindings
SDSERVICE2 - Service Directory: Table of Services
SSRVPARTY - XI: Services, Party Conversion
SSRVCHANNELATT - XI Services: Channel Attributes
SAI_ADDRESS_V - Generated Table for View SAI_ADDRESS_V

Virtual Machine Container tables BC-VMC

SVMCRT_MOD_TR_T - VMC Runtime: Descriptions of Modules
SVMCRT_MOD_TRANS - VMC Runtime: Transport Table for Modules
SVMCRT_RES_TRANS - VMC Runtime: Transport Table for Resources
SVMCRT_FB_DEST - VMC Fallback RFC Destinations
SVMCRT_BINDINGS - VMC Runtime: Resources
SVMCRT_MODULES - VMC Runtime: Modules
SVMCRT_CONF_NODE - VMC Runtime: Configuration Node

Enterprise Service Infrastructure tables BC-ESI

SRDEBUG - Remote Debugging Control
SRT_CFG_CLI_ASGN - Assignment of HTTP Destination to WS Client RT Configuration
ESI_MAPPING - ESI: External - Internal - Mapping for BO Nodes
ESI_MAPPING_DB - ESI: External - Internal - Mapping for BO Nodes
SRT_LP - Logical Ports
SRT_MONI_TS - SOAP Monitoring Table for Last Timestamp
SRT_CFG_DEF_ASGN - Assignment of Default LP Name to Proxy Class for WS Client
SRT_SYST_APPL - Application Directory
SRT_MONILOG_CUST - Customizing Table for SOAP Runtime Monitoring
SRT_CFG_SRV_ASGN - Assignment of HTTP URL to Runtime Configuration Web Services
SRT_MONLOG_VIEW2 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
SRT_SA_APPL - SOAP Runtime Framework: SOAP Applications
SRT_REV_PROXY - Support of Reverse Proxies
SRT_MONILOG_VIEW - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Enterprise Service Infrastructure tables BC-ESI

Musing Tools tables BC-MUS

POWL_QUERY - Query meta data
POWL_TYPE - Type definition
WDKCUSTKEYPARAM - Values for customizing
POWL_ACT_QUERY - query activation data
WDKAPPNAVVAR - WDK: External navigation -> application specific variants
POWL_EASY_ACT - Action definition for Easy-POWL Feeder
POWL_V_QUERY - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
WDKSCRIPTBDC - Definition of Action Script sequences
FPB_PERSAPPL - Personalization: Application Hierarchy
APB_LPD_TRANSLOG - Transports change logs to lpd for updating user version
FPB_PERSAPPLFLD - Personalization: Characteristics of Application Hierarchy
APB_LPD_CONTROL - Launchpad: Role and Instance
KFM_KF_ADM_VAR - Variants for Administrator Key Figures
KFM_KF_USR_VAR - User Key Figures
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Musing Tools tables BC-MUS

Business Management tables BC-BMT

HRP1001 - Infotype 1001 DB Table
HRP1000 - Infotype 1000 DB Table
PLOGI - Table Index HRP*
T77S0 - System Table
SWETYPV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
SWWWIHEAD - Workflow Runtime: Header Table for All Work Item Types
HRUS_D2 - User Substituted by User
SWEQADM - Administration Data for Event Queue
PLOG - Planning and Organization File
T777D - Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignment
T77UA - User Authorizations
T77OMATTR - General Attribute Maintenance: Definition of Attributes
SWWUSERWI - Current Work Items Assigned to a User
SWETYPECOU - Type Linkage Events - Receiver
T78NR - Prefix Numbers for Standard Object Types
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Business Management tables BC-BMT

Exchange Infrastructure tables BC-XI

SXMSPMAST - Integration Engine: Message Queue (Master)
SXMSPLSRV - XMS: Pipeline Service Specification
IDXNOALE - Do not request IDoc Adapter exception list acknowledgement
SXMSCLUR - XMB: Resources Cluster
SXMSCLUP - XMB: Property Cluster
IDXQUEUE - IDoc Adapter Queue
SXMSPMAST2 - XML Message Broker: Message Queue (Master) (Switch Table)
IDXRCVPOR - IDoc Adapter Link GUID with IDoc, Receiver and so on
SXMSCONFDF - XMS: Integration Engine Configuration Parameters
SXMSPVERS - Integration Engine: Message Version
SXMSPHIST - XML Message Broker: History
SXMSPEMAS - Integration Engine: Enhanced Message Queue (Master)
SXMSCONFVL - XMS: Integration Engine Configuration Data
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC Exchange Infrastructure tables BC-XI

Installation Tools tables BC-INS

INSTLOG - SAP Installation
INSTCNTL - SAP Installation: Control Table for Basis Customizing
TIMIG - IMIG: Administration & Status
INSTCHECK - Installation: Check Table for Installation Settings
INSTCHKTAB - SAP Installation: Table for Check Routines for RRR
INSTCHKTBT - SAP Installation: Texts for RRR Check Routines
INSTCNTLJ - Background Jobs During the Installation
INSTCNTLT - SAP Installation: Texts for Control Table
INSTPARA - SAP Installation: Parameters
STC_CUST_PHASE - Automation Phases
STC_CUST_PHASET - Automation Phase Text Table
STC_SCN_HDR - Task List Header Data
STC_SCN_HDR_T - Task List Description
STC_SCN_TASKS - Tasks of a Task List

Routing tables BC-XI-IBC-ROU

TRD_RELATION - XI: Receiver Determination Relation Key
TRD_RULE - XI: Rcvr Det. Rule (Receiver Extractors & Condition)

BC General tables

SFLIGHT - Flight
SPFLI - Flight schedule
TADIR - Directory of Repository Objects
CDHDR - Change document header
TSTC - SAP Transaction Codes
NAST - Message Status
ADRC - Addresses (Business Address Services)
TRDIR - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
MONI - Monitor table MONI
SBOOK - Single Flight Booking
USR02 - Logon Data (Kernel-Side Use)
HRP1001 - Infotype 1001 DB Table
TFDIR - Function Module
T100 - Messages
TCURR - Exchange Rates
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC General tables

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