BC-ABA-LA General tables

TRDIR - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
TFDIR - Function Module
SNAPT - ABAP Runtime Error Texts
TRDIRT - Title texts for programs in TRDIR
INDX - System Table INDX
SAMT - SAMT: Information and Results for ABAP/4 Mass Tests
TCONT - Timestamp for context buffer
ICON - Icons table
SNAP - ABAP/4 Snapshot for Runtime Errors
AAB_ID_PROPT - Directory of Checkpoint Groups: Description
AAB_ID_PROP - Directory of Checkpoint Groups
AAB_ID_ACT - Activatable IDs for Breakpoints and Assertions: Activation
CONTEXTB - Context buffer
ABAPHTML - System Table for Buffering COntents of ABAP Documentation
ICONT - Icon Texts
..... - ..................................

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Object Services tables BC-ABA-LA-OBS

SEOMAPATT - Relational Mapping Attributes
SEOMAPCLS - Relational Mapping Classes
V_SEOCLSGUIDS - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
OSEXNODE01 - OS: Examples Node 01
OSEXTREE01 - OS: Examples Tree 01

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