BC-BMT-OM General tables

HRP1001 - Infotype 1001 DB Table
HRP1000 - Infotype 1000 DB Table
PLOGI - Table Index HRP*
T77S0 - System Table
HRUS_D2 - User Substituted by User
PLOG - Planning and Organization File
T777D - Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignment
T77UA - User Authorizations
T77OMATTR - General Attribute Maintenance: Definition of Attributes
SWWUSERWI - Current Work Items Assigned to a User
T78NR - Prefix Numbers for Standard Object Types
T777A - Building Addresses
HRP1002 - Infotype 1002 DB Table
T77PR - Definition of Authorization Profiles
V_T77S0 - Generated Table for View V_T77S0
..... - ..................................

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Organization and Planning tables BC-BMT-OM-OM

T779M - Matrix Types
T77MWBFCD - Function Codes for Manager's Desktop
T77MWBFCH - Function Code Hierarchies for Manager's Desktop
T77MWBFCO - Object Type-Dependent Function Codes for Manager's Desktop
T77MWBS - Manager's Desktop Scenarios
V_MWBFCD - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_MWBS - Generated Table for View V_MWBS
T77MWBBWS - BW System Data for Manager's Desktop
HRUSMWBFCH - User-Specific File for Hidden MDT Function Codes
INDX_ESS - Employee Self-Service (ESS) Settings
T77MWBFHC - Customer-Specific Arrangement of FCodes in MDT
T77MWBD - Evaluation Paths in Manager's Desktop Framework
T77MWBKS - Evaluation Paths for Each Category in Manager's Desktop

Structural Graphics tables BC-BMT-OM-GRF

T777NAME1 - HR Namespace: Table Entries
T777NAME2P - HR Namespace: New Table Entries
V_T77GL - Generated Table for View V_T77GL
T77GG - Designs for Graphical Structure Display

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