BC-CCM-PRN General tables

TSP01 - Spool Requests
TST03 - TemSe data
TST01 - TemSe: List of objects and parts
TSP02FX - List of Front-End Printing to Be Printed (Replaces TSP02F)
TSP03 - Spool: Printer declaration
TSP02 - Spool: Print requests
TSPOPTIONS - Spool Options
TSP03D - Spool: Device Description (New Format)
TSP03L - Spool: Long device names
TSPEVJOB - OMS Events for Print Requests
TSP02L - Spool: List parameters for spool and print requests
TSP03C - Spool: Device Description Extension
TSP03A - Spool: Device description (new format)
T022D - Spool: Print control translation
TSPSVI - Spool: Server Information (Updated by Spool Work Processes)
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC-CCM-PRN General tables

Spool System tables BC-CCM-PRN-SPO

TSP0B - Spool: Mapping Device Types to XDC Description

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