IACS - Internet Application Components with ITS
IACORDES - RFC Destinations for IACOR
IACORSITE - Sites for IACOR Destinations
ITS_TAGS - html-tags container
IACFL - Feature in ITS Plug-In
IACTL_C1 - Content of HTML Templates (Language-Dependent)
IACKEYCONV - Obsolete: IAC: Conversion of Long Keys into Short Keys
ITSTESTMOB - ITS Mobile Test Screens
IACFLOW - INDX file for HTML templates (cross-language)
IACHTMLL - Obsolete: INDX File for HTML Templates (Language-Dependent)
IACHTMLLP - Obsolete: Parameters for HTML Template Program Name
IACJSCR - Obsolete: INDX File for MIME Objects (Language-Independent)
IACMIME - Obsolete: INDX File for MIME Objects (Language-Independent)
IACORDEST - Texts for RFC Destinations for IACOR
IACTL - Parameters for HTML Templates (Non-Lang.-Spec.) Prog. Name

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