BC-MID-ALE General tables

EDIDC - Control record (IDoc)
BDCP - Change pointer
EDIDS - Status Record (IDoc)
BDCP2 - Aggregated Change Pointers (BDCP, BDCPS)
BDCPS - Change pointer: Status
EDP13 - Partner Profile: Outbound (technical parameters)
EDPP1 - EDI Partner (general partner profiles - inb. and outb.)
BDCPV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
EDISEGMENT - IDoc Development : IDoc Segment
EDP21 - Partner Profile: Inbound
TBDLS - Logical system
EDISDEF - IDoc Development : IDoc Segment Definitions
EDMSG - Logical message types
EDIMSG - Output Types and Assignment to IDoc Types
IDOCSYN - Syntax Description for Basic Types
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Full list of SAP BC-MID-ALE General tables

Utilities tables BC-MID-ALE-UTI

TBICU - Direct Input Customizing: Job Names for Data Transfer
TBIST - Direct Input (DI) Control: Restart Capability
TERRD - DI: INDX-Like Table for Temporary Storage of Error Data
TBIZU - Job ID to job name assignments
V_BICU - Generated Table for View V_BICU

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