CATG - CATT: Basic Texts for Test procedure
CATW - CATT test status
CATA - CATT: General test run data
CATF - CATT: Subsequent test run data
CATDB - CATT - Test object transaction data
CATM - CATT: Log for model and function data
CAT_DP_FOR - DataTab format for data provider ! Iposition Ioffset !
CAT_PARAMS - CATT - Data for Controls
CATP - CATT - Parameters and variants
CATU - CATT variants
CATV - CATT: Variable Texts
CATX - CATT - save files externally
CATFC - CATT: Generated function module calls
CATFF - CATT - Recorded fields
CAT_DP_FLD - Export fields for DataProvider

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