RSDCUBE - Directory of InfoCubes / InfoProvider
RSDODSO - Directory of all DataStores
RSDCUBEMULTI - InfoCubes concerned with MultiCube
RSDCUBEIOBJ - Objects per InfoCube (where-used list)
RSHIEDIR - Hierarchy Catalog
RSBFILE - Open Hub Destinations: Files
RSDCUBET - Texts for the InfoCubes
RSEURO - Conversion Table for Euro Conversion
RSBSPOKESELSET - InfoSpokes Directory
RSDODSOIOBJ - InfoObject in DataStore
RSTHIERNODE - Texts of Non-Postable Hierarchy Nodes
RSDICMULTIIOBJ - MultiProvider: Selection/Identification of InfoObjects
RSBODSLOGSTATE - Changelog Status for ODS Object
RSDDIME - Dimensions directory
RSDODSOT - Texts of DataStores

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