DRAD - Document-Object Link
DRAW - Document Info Record
DRAO - Originals for documents
DRAT - Texts for Document Info Records
DMS_PH_CD1 - DVS: PHIOS of main originals
DRAP - Document Log File
DMS_DOC_FILES - DMS: File Names for Documents
DRZA - DDS: Recipient list (document <-> recipient allocations)
TDWI - Selection table - document search via internet
DRAZ - Table for Additional Files for DMS Originals
TDWA - Document Types
TDWD - Data Carrier/Network Nodes
DMS_LO_CD1 - DVS: LOIOS of main originals (conv. document)
DMS1DIDSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents
DMS_DOC_FOLDER1 - DMS: Folder for documents (Header)

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