BP000 - Business Partner Master (General Data)
BP030 - BP: Business partner - address
TP01 - Business Partner: Form of Address
BPISIS - BP: Assign Treasury Partner to IS-IS-Partner
BP3000 - BP: Additional Data (from Darwin-BP)
BP1020 - BP: Business Partner - Fiscal Data
BP002 - Treasury attributes natural person
BP1040 - Business partner: Reporting data in company code
BP1050 - Business Partner: General Control Data
BP1060 - OBSOLETE: Business Partner: Company Code Control Data
MAHNS_DI - Accounts blocked by dunning selection
BP1000 - BP: Business Partner - Role
V_TBC001 - Generated Table for View V_TBC001
TP09 - Business Partner: Legal Entity
BP2000 - BP: Business Partner - Business Partner - Relationship

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