T880 - Global Company Data (for KONS Ledger)
T80D - FI-SL: Control table for client-specific user exits
SMDT - Date-Dependent Entries in the Schedule Manager
V_T80D - Generated Table for View V_T80D
T80I - FI-SL: Control table for cross-client user exits
SMMAIN - Main Information for an Entry in the Monitor
SMSTATUS - Status Information of an Entry in the Monitor
SMST - Node Structure and Task Name in the Schedule Manager
T80IT - FI-SL: Control table for cross-client user exits
SCMAPROGRAMS - Schedule Manager: Index of Registered SAP Programs
SCMAPROG_CUST - Schedule Manager: Customer Registered Programs
SMWF - Information on Workflow Worklists
KPEP_WL_O - Object-Related Data in the Worklist of the Schedule Manager
SCMATREED - Table for Entries that are Dependent on Time and Date
SCMATRANSACT - Schedule Manager: Registered SAP Transactions

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