TBE31 - Publish&Subscribe BTE: SAP Enhancement
TBE11 - BTE Application Indicator
TPS31 - Process BTE: Alternative Function Modules from SAP
TPS34 - Process BTE: Customer Enhancements
TPS01T - Process BTE: Language-Specific Descriptions
TBE01T - P&S BTE: Language-Specific Descriptions
TBE01 - Library of the Publish&Subscribe Business Transaction Events
TBE34 - Publish&Subscribe BTE: Customer Enhancements
TPS01 - Library of the Process Business Transaction Events
TBE24 - Customer Products
TBE32 - Publish&Subscribe BTE: Customer Enhancements
TPS32 - Process BTE: Partner Enhancements
DFPM_NUMB - Sequential Numbers
TBEPRI - Priority for Additional Components

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