CO-PC-ACT General tables

CKMLCR - Material Ledger: Period Totals Records Values
CKMLHD - Material Ledger: Header Record
CKMLMV001 - Procurement alternatives
CKMLPP - Material Ledger Period Totals Records Quantity
CKMLMV011 - Costing run: Object list
CKMLRUNPERIOD - Material ledger costing run for one month
MLHD - Material Ledger Document: Header
CKMLKEPH - Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements)
CKMLMV013 - Assignment table: Process for production order
CKMLLAHD - ML Activity Types: Header Record
CKMLMV005 - Consumption alternatives
CKML2 - Material Ledger Header Record (Release 3.xx)
CKMLPR - Material Ledger: Prices
CKMLHD_AGGR - Material Ledger: Header Record
CKMLPRKEPH - Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements) for Prices
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Distribution of Usage Variances tables CO-PC-ACT-DUV

TDUVN156 - Movement Types That Play a Role in Distribution
CKMLDUVN - Distribution of Usage Diff.(Status for each ISEG entry)
CKMLDUVACT - Distribution of Activity Differences: Single Rcords & Status
CKMLDUVACTCO - Distribution Acty Differences: Diff. Per Acct Assgnmt object
CKMLDUVN001L - Distribution of Consumption Differences: Activation Control
CKMLDUVNCO - Usage Differences for Each Account Assignment Object

Alternative Valuation Run tables CO-PC-ACT-AVR

CKMLAVRDOC - Closing Document for Cumulation
CKMLAVR_CPTFUNCT - Text Table Func. in Alternative Valuation Run Cockpit
MLAVRSCALEKEPH - Cost Component Split of Re-scaling Amounts AVR
MLAVRSCALE - Re-scaling Amounts AVR
CKMLAVRDOCCR - Cumulation Posting Document: Currency Information
CKMLAVRDOCIT - Lines for Cumulation Posting Document
CKMLAVR_CPTFUNC - Functions in the Alternative Valuation Run Cockpit
CKMLAVR_KOMOK - Account Modifications Posting Alternative Valuation Runs
CKMLAVR_KOMOKT - Account Modifications Posting Alternative Valuations: Texts
CKMLRUNSCALE - Re-scaling Amounts in the AVR

Periodic Material Valuation tables CO-PC-ACT-PER

V_CKMLGRIR_FR - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
CKMLCUMDOC - Closing Document for Cumulation
CKMLDELTAPOST - Temporary Storage for Delta Postings for Cumulation
V_CKMLGRIR - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View

Price Change tables CO-PC-ACT-PRU

H_T001W_BUKRS - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View

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