Authentication and SSO tables BC-SEC-LGN

USR02 - Logon Data (Kernel-Side Use)
USR01 - User master record (runtime data)
USR05 - User Master Parameter ID
USR40 - Table for illegal passwords
USR41 - User master: Additional data
USH02 - Change history for logon data
USRPWDHISTORY - Password History
TRACE_MESSAGE - Contains trace messages
SECURITY_CONTEXT - HTTP Security Context (Cross-Server Attributes)
SAML2_ENTITY_E - External SAML2 Entity Table
SAML2_ENTITY_L - Local SAML2 Entity Table
SAML2_ENTITY - SAML2 Entity Table
SAML2_TRUST - Trust Table for SAML2 Entities
SEC_CONTEXT_COPY - Server-Specific Security Contexts (Due to Timeout Check)
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Authentication and SSO tables BC-SEC-LGN

Profit Center Accounting tables EC-PCA

GLPCA - EC-PCA: Actual Line Items
GLPCT - EC-PCA: Totals Table
CEPC - Profit Center Master Data Table
GLPCP - EC-PCA: Plan Line Items
CEPCT - Texts for Profit Center Master Data
PATN - Partner number/organizational unit
CEPC_BUKRS - Assignment of Profit Centers to a Company Code
A142 - Dependent on material
A141 - Dependent on material and receiver profit center
A143 - Dependent on material group
MARAP - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
CMDT_PC - Generic Master Record: Profit Center Enhancements
CMDT_PC_BUKRS - Generic Master Record: Company Code Assign. for Profit Cent.
GLPCC - EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes
GLPCO - EC-PCA: Object Table for Account Assignment Elements
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Profit Center Accounting tables EC-PCA

Consolidation tables EC-CS

ECMCT - SAP Cons.: Totals Table
ECMCA - SAP Cons.: Journal Entry Table (Actual)
ECMCC - SAP Cons.: Object Table Movement Attributes
ECMCO - SAP Cons.: Object Table Assignment Fields (Object/Partner)
TF506 - Document Types: Field-Dependent Properties
TF100 - Financial Statement Items
TF001 - SAP Cons.: Global Specifications
TF555 - Methods for Interunit Elimination
TFBW2 - Mapping InfoObjects -> Field Names
TFBW0 - Destination and Target InfoCube for Data Transfer into BW
TFBW1 - Data streams into BW
TF101 - FS Items: Short and Medium Texts
TF090 - Interactive Excel Attributes
TF002 - SAP Cons.: Assignment of Sets -> Items
TF605 - C/I Methods: Assignments
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Consolidation tables EC-CS

Directory tables BC-SEC-DIR

LDAPMAP2 - Mapping SAP Fields to LDAP Attributes - Fields
LDAPMAP3 - Mapping SAP Fields to LDAP Attributes - Attributes
LDAPMAP1 - Mapping SAP Fields to LDAP Attributes - FMs and Indicators
DBOBJ - Composition of Hybrid Objects
LDAPSYNC - Time Stamp for Users at Last Synchronization
LDAPMAP4 - Mapping SAP Fields to LDAP Attributes - Parameters
LDAPMAP5 - Mapping SAP Fields to LDAP Attributes - Object Classes
LDAPMAP12 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
LDAPMAP62 - Generated Table for View LDAPMAP62
LDAPAPPL - LDAP Application Check Table (Not Used Yet)
LDAPAPPLT - Check Table for LDAP Application (Not Used Yet)
LDAPMAP6 - Mapping SAP Fields to LDAP Attributes - Synchronization
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Directory tables BC-SEC-DIR

User Administration tables BC-SEC-USR

USR21 - Assign user name address key
USR03 - User address data
UST12 - User master: Authorizations
USER_ADDR - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
USR12 - User Master Authorization Values
USR04 - User master authorizations
TOBJ - Authorization Objects
USRBF2 - User buffer content for fast RFC logon - new
UST04 - User masters
TOBJT - Short Texts for Authorization Objects
USR10 - User master authorization profiles
SAPLIKEY - Storage of SAP License Keys
TACT - Activities which can be Protected
USR11 - User Master Texts for Profiles (USR10)
UST10S - User master: Single profiles
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC User Administration tables BC-SEC-USR

Secure Network Communications tables BC-SEC-SNC

USRACL - SNC Access Control List (ACL): User
USREXTID - Assignment of External ID to Users
VUSREXTID - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
RFCDESSECU - SNC extensions for RFC destinations
SNCSYSACL - SNC Access Control List (ACL): Systems
USRACLEXT - Extended SNC Access Control List (ACL) for Users
VSNCSYSACL - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
USREXTID_IDM - Table for Provisioning USREXTID Data from IDM
TXCOMSECU - SNC extension for CPIC destinations
USREXTIDH - External ID (Access Using Hash Value)
USREXTIDT - Values Table for External ID Type

Compensation Administration tables PA-EC-AD

V_T71ADM10 - Generated Table for View V_T71ADM10
V_T71ADM08 - Generated Table for View V_T71ADM08
T71ADM10 - Compensation Review Item Attributes
PA0759 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0759 (Compensation Process)
T71ADM23 - Compensation Matrix Values
T71ADM09 - Compensation Review Item
T71ADM13 - Compensation Eligibility Rule
T71ADM22 - Compensation Matrix Dimension Segment
PA0758 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0758 (Compensation Program)
T71ADM14 - Compensation Appraisal Rule
V_T71ADM03 - Generated Table for View V_T71ADM03
V_T71ADM17 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
T71ADM08T - Compensation Review Text
V_T71ADM19 - Generated Table for View V_T71ADM19
T71ADM08 - Compensation Review
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Compensation Administration tables PA-EC-AD

Secure Store and Forward tables BC-SEC-SSF

SSFARGS - Application-Dependent Parameters for SSF Functions (SSFG)
TC70 - Digital signature: SSF information about the user
SSF_PSE_H - SSF: Personel Security Environment
SSF_PSE_D - SSF: Storage for Personal Security Environment Data
SSFAPPLIC - SSF Applications: Options Used
SSFVKEYDEF - SSF Applications: Key Versions

Job Pricing tables PA-EC-JP

HRP5050 - DB Table for Infotype 5050
HRP1271 - DB Table for Infotype 1271
T71JPR09 - Survey Job / Internal Job Matching Data
T71JPR05 - Survey Job Catalog
T71JPR06 - Survey Header Data
T71JPR08 - Survey Statistical Data
T71JPR07 - Survey General Data
T71JPR01 - Survey Provider
T71JPR26 - Survey Composite Result
T71JPR10 - Survey Country
T71JPR11 - Survey Industry
T71JPR12 - Survey Industry Code
T71JPR12T - Survey Industry Code Text
T71JPR13 - Survey Region
T71JPR14 - Survey Region Code
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Job Pricing tables PA-EC-JP

Construction Equipment Management tables IS-EC-CEM

J_3GABEST - Current Stocks
J_3GHBEST - Historical Stock
J_3GSTLKOPF - Header Data for Equipment BOMs
J_3GVERSI - Tax/Insurance Data
J_3GTBEST - Temporary Stock
J_3GBELP - Document Data - Item Data
J_3GBELK - Document File - Header Data
J_3GAUSART - Settlement Calendar
J_3GAUSATX - Settlement Calendar, Acty Type Times, Language-Dependent
J_3GPAKP - Package Item Data
J_3GSTLAKT - Activation File/Buffer for BOMs
J_3GKATAL - Catalog
J_3GSTLPOS - Item Data for Equipment BOMs

Long-Term Incentives tables PA-EC-LT

PA0761 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0761 (LTI Grant)
PA0762 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0762 (LTI Exercising)
PA0763 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0763 (LTI Participant Data)
HRECM00LTIPL_ATT - Generated Table for View HRECM00LTIPL_ATT

Customer Bill of Services tables IS-EC-BOS

COSTING_VARIANT - Default Costing Variant for Easy cost planning
A370 - Customer/Service
ADBOS_ECP_REL - Object Relationship Service: Generic Binary Links
BOSASN - Allocation of Lines from Different Subpackages

Anti-Virus Protection tables BC-SEC-VIR

VSCAN_PROF - Virus Scan Profiles

System Audit Information System tables BC-SEC-AIS

OBJSUBREP - For transact. 0REP: Program to be started (comp. SREPOVARI)

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