A142 - Dependent on material
A141 - Dependent on material and receiver profit center
A143 - Dependent on material group
TCVPROFD - Currency and Valuation Profiles - Detail
TCVPROF - Currency and Valuation Profiles
TCVPROFT - Currency and Valuation Profiles - Texts
T8A30 - EC-PCA: Define Additional Accounts
V_T8A30 - Generated Table for View V_T8A30
T8A_BILANZ - Control Parameter for Balance Sheet Accounts in Profit Ctrs
TKA00PCA - EC-PCA: Control of actual data transfer
T895PCA - EC-PCA: Fiscal-Year Dependent Version Parameters
T886PCA - EC-PCA: Activities
T8APP_HRKFTT - Texts for values of field HRFKT in profit center planning
V_T8A00 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_T8A_BILANZ - Generated Table for View V_T8A_BILANZ

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