Accounting tables PS-IS-REP-ACC

RPSCO - Project info database: Costs, revenues, finances
TPIK3 - Assignment Table: Cost Elements -> Value Categories
RPSQT - Project info database: quantities
TCJO1 - Parameters for Transferring Totals Records
V_TPIK3 - Generated Table for View V_TPIK3
TPIR2 - Value Categories
TPIR2T - Texts for Value Categories
TPIK2 - Cost Elements: Value Categories
TPIF2 - Commitment Items: Value Category

Tax Reporting tables IS-OIL-PRA-REP-TAX

OIUX4_BALANCE - Taxes Payable Balance
OIUX4_BALANCE_H - Taxes Payable Balance History
OIUX4_BAL_CTGZN - Taxes Payable Balance Categorization
OIUX4_COMMENTS - Taxes Payable Comments
OIUX4_RESP_ID - Taxes Payable Responsibility ID
OIUX4_WO_SETUP - Taxes Payable Writeoff Configuration

Logistics tables PS-IS-REP-LOG

TCNVAT - Variable overviews: Texts for applications
TCNVD - Variable overviews: Data fields
TCNVDT - Variable overviews: Data field texts
TCNVF - Variable overviews: Displayed fields
TCNVFT - Variable overviews: Texts for displayed fields
TCNVA - Variable overviews: Applications

Knowledge Management and Collaboration tables EP-KM

CPETASKLOG - Database table with log information for Ad hoc Workflow

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