FI General tables

BKPF - Accounting Document Header
LFA1 - Vendor Master (General Section)
T001 - Company Codes
BSID - Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSIS - Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
BSIK - Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
LFB1 - Vendor Master (Company Code)
BSAK - Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSAD - Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
REGUH - Settlement data from payment program
LFBK - Vendor Master (Bank Details)
ANLA - Asset Master Record Segment
KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code)
J_1IEXCDTL - Excise invoice line item details
J_1IEXCHDR - Excise invoice header detail
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Full list of SAP FI General tables

Localization tables FI-LOC

J_1IEXCDTL - Excise invoice line item details
J_1IEXCHDR - Excise invoice header detail
J_1IMOVEND - Vendor Master Excise Additional Data
J_1IPART2 - Excise Part II details
J_1IPART1 - Excise part I detials
J_2IRG1BAL - Opening/Closing balance table for RG1
J_1IRG1 - Excise RG1 details
J_1IRG23D - RG23D register for the depot
J_2IACCBAL - Opening/Closing a/c balance table
J_1BNFDOC - Nota Fiscal Header
J_1IMTCHID - Combination of Material Number and Chapter ID
J_1IEWTCHLN - Table for Internal and external Challan nos-EWT India.
J_1BNFE_ACTIVE - Electronic Nota Fiscal: Actual Statu
J_1IEWT_CERT - SAPscript Forms/section indicators for E WT Certificates
J_1IGRXREF - Goods Receipt to Excise Invoice Coss Reference
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Full list of SAP FI Localization tables FI-LOC

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable tables FI-CA

DFKKOP - Items in contract account document
FKKVKP - Contract Account Partner-Specific
DFKKKO - Header Data in Open Item Accounting Document
DFKKTHI - Transfer Records for Invoice Issue by Third Party
DFKKZP - Payment lot: Data for payment
FKKVK - Contract Account Header
DFKKOPBW - OI Extraction
TFKIHVORT - Internal Main Transactions - Text Table
DFKKOPK - Items in contract account document
DPAYH - Payment program - data for payment
FKKMAZE - Dunning history of line items
DPAYP - Payment program - data on paid item
DFKKLOCKS - FI-CA: Business Locks
DFKKOPW - Items in contract account document
BCONT - Business Partner Contact
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Full list of SAP FI Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable tables FI-CA

General Ledger Accounting tables FI-GL

FAGLFLEXA - General Ledger: Actual Line Items
FAGLFLEXT - General Ledger: Totals
SKB1 - G/L account master (company code)
TCJ_DOCUMENTS - Cash Journal Documents (Header Data)
TCJ_POSITIONS - Cash Journal Document Items
BSEG_ADD - Entry View of Accounting Document for Additional Ledgers
ACE_SOP_REFKEY - Decoding of Accrual Engine RefKey
ACAC_OBJECTS - Manual Accruals: Accrual Objects
ACEOBJ - Accrual Objects
ACEDSOP - Accrual Subobject Parameters
V_FAGL_T8A30 - Generated Table for View V_FAGL_T8A30
ACEDSASSGMT - Standard Account Assignments for Accrual Objects
ACEDSOI - Item Data for Accrual Subobject
ACEDSOH - Accrual Subobject Header Data
ACE_SOP_DESTINTN - Connection Data to the HR System
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Full list of SAP FI General Ledger Accounting tables FI-GL

Funds Management tables FI-FM

BPJA - Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj.
FMIFIIT - FI Line Item Table in Funds Management
BPGE - Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj.
FMIOI - Commitment Documents Funds Management
FMIT - Totals Table for Funds Management
BPIJ - Budget Object Index (Annual Budget)
FMFCTR - Funds Center Master Record
BPEJ - Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj.
BPEG - Line Item Overall Values Controlling Obj.
TREV - Field Status Variant for Funds Reservation
BPBK - Doc.Header Controlling Obj.
FMREF - Active availability ctrl: Cross commitments reference table
BPEP - Line Item Period Values Controlling Obj.
FMZUOB - Allocation of CO Object to FM Account Assignment
BPPE - Totals Record for Period Values Controlling Obj.
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Full list of SAP FI Funds Management tables FI-FM

Bank Accounting tables FI-BL

PAYR - Payment Medium File
T012K - House Bank Accounts
T012 - House Banks
REGUT - TemSe - Administration Data
T042E - Company Code-Specific Specifications for Payment Methods
T042Z - Payment Methods for Automatic Payment
BSEGC - Document: Data on Payment Card Payments
T012T - House Bank Account Names
TCCAA - Payment cards: Clearing account/external functions
PAYRQ - Payment Requests
CCENQ - Payment cards: Primary table for lock object EFCCENQ
T042B - Details on the company codes that must pay
PCEC - Prenumbered Checks
T042Y - Account Determination for Bank to Bank Payments
TCJ_BALANCE - FI Cash Journal: Totals Records
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Full list of SAP FI Bank Accounting tables FI-BL

Asset Accounting tables FI-AA

ANLA - Asset Master Record Segment
ANLC - Asset Value Fields
ANLZ - Time-Dependent Asset Allocations
ANLB - Depreciation terms
ANEK - Document Header Asset Posting
ANLU - Asset Master Record: User Fields
TABA - Depreciation posting documents
ANEP - Asset Line Items
ANLP - Asset Periodic Values
ANKA - Asset classes: general data
T093C - Company codes in Asset Accounting
ANLH - Main asset number
T093B - Company code-related depreciation area specifications
ANAT - Asset type text
ANKT - Asset classes: Description
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Full list of SAP FI Asset Accounting tables FI-AA

Lease Accounting tables FI-LA

V_OBJECTID - Generated Table for View V_OBJECTID
LAE_CRM_ITEMS - LAE: Contract Items
LAE_CRM_BILLPLAN - Payment Schedule
LAE_CRM_HEADER - LAE: CRM Contract Header
LAE_BILLING_DATA - Payment Schedule
LAE_CRM_CONDS - Lease-Accounting-Relevant Conditions
FIOTPOI - One-Time Postings: Items
FILA_RE_LNK - Link Between Leasing <-> Refinancing
FILA_RE_TR_I - Tranche Item: Selection Result for Refinancing
LAE_BILLING_DAT - Payment Schedule
LAE_CRM_LNK - Link between LAE and CRM Contract Items
LAE_VICN01_AD - Additional Contract Data for LAE
FIEH_STATUS - Object Status for Restart Exception Handling
FILA_GF_ITEMCHAH - Object Data: Value ID Change Header Information
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Full list of SAP FI Lease Accounting tables FI-LA

Travel Management tables FI-TV

PTRV_HEAD - General Trip Data
PTRV_KMSUM - Table for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation
PTRV_PERIO - Period Data of a Trip
V_T706B1 - Generated Table for View V_T706B1
T706F - Trip Provision: Flat Rates for Travel Costs
V_T706F - Generated Table for View V_T706F
PTRV_SREC - Trip Statistics - Receipts
V_T702N_A - Generated Table for View V_T702N_A
V_T706B2 - Generated Table for View V_T706B2
PTRV_SHDR - Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts
V_T706K - Generated Table for View V_T706K
T706K - Initial Account Assignment for FI
T706B1 - Travel Expense Types
T706V - Trip Provision: Meals Per-diem/Maximum Amount by Hours
T702O - Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group
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Full list of SAP FI Travel Management tables FI-TV

Retail Ledger tables FI-RL

PCRRETAILA - Actual line item table
PCRRETAILP - Plan line items table

Generic Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable tables FI-CAX

DFSCIHISTIOB - Balance Int. Calculation at Contract Account Level: History

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