FI-AA-AA General tables

ANLA - Asset Master Record Segment
ANLC - Asset Value Fields
ANLZ - Time-Dependent Asset Allocations
ANLB - Depreciation terms
ANEK - Document Header Asset Posting
ANLU - Asset Master Record: User Fields
TABA - Depreciation posting documents
ANEP - Asset Line Items
ANLP - Asset Periodic Values
ANKA - Asset classes: general data
T093C - Company codes in Asset Accounting
ANLH - Main asset number
T093B - Company code-related depreciation area specifications
ANAT - Asset type text
ANKT - Asset classes: Description
..... - ..................................

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Asset Maintenance tables FI-AA-AA-MA

V_TAMLAYA_00 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_TAMLAY2_00 - Generated Table for View V_TAMLAY2_00
V_TAMLAY1_00 - Generated Table for View V_TAMLAY1_00
V_TAMLAY0_00 - Generated Table for View V_TAMLAY0_00
V_TAMLAYB_00 - Generated Table for View V_TAMLAYB_00
TAMLAYA - Tabs in master data: Applications
J_3RAOKOF - OKOF classifier of Russia
J_3RAOKOFT - OKOF description classifier of Russia
TAMLAY1 - Tab pages in master data: Tab titles of layout

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