IHC_TAB_APM_TT - Automatic Payments: Determine IHC Transaction Type
IHC_DB_PN - Source Document for Incoming Payment Orders
IHC_DB_RT_NODE - IHC: Routing Node
IHC_DB_RT_TREE - IHC: Routing Tree
IHC_DB_TOVR - Provisional Turnover (Based on Value Date, aft.Posting Date)
TBCA_ROUTE - Routing Definitions
IHC_DB_CL_ACCTS - Account Determination for AMS Update
IHC_TAB_LOG_REFT - IHC: Reference Types in Log, Text Table
IHC_DB_CL_AMS - IHC: Clearing Unit Data
IHC_DB_CL_TYPES - Technical Settings for AMS Update
IHC_DB_CL_XBS - IHC Bank Statement: Determine Sender or Clearing Partner
IHC_TAB_XBS_TT - IHC: Transaction Type External Inbound Payment
IHC_DB_BCA_EXTPO - Process Parameter External BCA Payment Orders
IHC_DB_CL_IDOC - IHC: Communication Data for Clearing Unit
IHC_DB_CL_PRTNR - IHC: Clearing Partner

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