FS-CML General tables

VDARL - Loans
TDS1 - Possible assignees
VZFZE - Central entry table for release procedure
TD07 - Purpose of loan
DIV01 - Loans: External usage types of a rental unit
TD10 - Indicator for special treatment of loan
TD07T - Purpose of loan (Texts for table TD07)
TD09 - Loan Maturity
TDSTOP_ACTION_T - Text Elements for TDSTOP_ACTION Stop Actions
VDBEPI - Posted line items for document header
TD03 - Assign Loan Type -> Product Type
TD30 - Distribution Channel
TDTZB0A_CHECK - Internal Checks for Flow Types in Customizing
TD01 - Table for collateral keys
TD02 - Table of Loan Classes
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Full list of SAP FS-CML General tables

Portfolio tables FS-CML-PO

TDCAP_POSTPRT - Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Capital. Texts
TDCAP_REASON - Reason for Capitalizn
TDCAP_REASONT - Reason for Capitalization: Texts
TDCHARGE_GSTEER - General Control Data
TDCONDCATEGORY - Condition Category
TDCOT_FLDCTRL - Field Control for Condition Item
TDCOT_LOANFUNC - List of Application Functions Supported (Condition Table)
TDDC_TABSTRIP - Tabstrips Control
TDDC_TABSTRIPT - Tabstrip Text Control
TDDEF_CUST - Settings/Preassignments for Deferral
TDDEF_GSTEER - General Control Data
TDDEF_POSTPR - Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing
TDDEF_POSTPRT - Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Texts
TDDEF_REASON - Reason for Deferral
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Full list of SAP FS-CML Portfolio tables FS-CML-PO

Accounting tables FS-CML-AC

TDPLANNRSUSP - U.S. Incoming Payment: Reasons for Qualified Overpayments
TDDUNNLVL - Dunning Levels by Number of Overdue Installments
TDDUNN_CORRESP - Fields for Correspondence, e.g. Action if Undeliverable
TDHIERKRITPRIO - Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria
TDHIERKRITSORT - Incoming Payment: Assignment Table
TDHIERKRITT - Incoming Payments: Assignment Criteria Texts
TDHIERPLAN - Hierarchy Plan
TDHIERSET - Hierarchy Settings
TDIMPLEMENTRULES - Processing Rules for Contracts with Stop Codes
TDIOA_BAL_COND - Assignment Condition Type to Flow Type Grouping - IOA Calc.
TDIOA_BO - Interest on Arrears Active in BO Interest on Arrears Calc.
TDIOA_FT_BALANCE - Assignment of Flows to Flow Type Grouping - IOA Calculation
TDIOA_GSTEER - General Control Data for Interest on Arrears Calculation
TDIOA_NOPOSTCALC - Flow Types Without Recalculation
TDIOA_SCHEMET - Text Table for Profile Definition IOA Calculation
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Full list of SAP FS-CML Accounting tables FS-CML-AC

New business tables FS-CML-NB

TDIA_OPAY_ORD - Outgoing Payment Sequence of Evaluation Criteria
TDIA_ORD_ASSIGN - Outgoing Payment Assignment Table
TDIA_ORD_CRIT - Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria
TDIA_ORD_CRITT - Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria Texts

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