CACS_STCAGR - Standard agreement for commission contract
CACS00_OBJHIST - Change History of Subobjects That Trigger Commission
CACS_SEGAGR - Agreement for The Assignment of Segments
CACS_AGRROL - Participant Roles in Participation Agreement
CACS_BUCAGR - Commission: Agreement Bundle
CACS_CASSGN - Combination Assignment for Commission Contract
CACS_CHRETY - Accountable Remuneration Types
CACS_COMB - Combination
CACS_CTBU_WA - Work Regions for Commission Contract
CACS_CTCOREX - Correspondence Enhancement
CACS_CTRTCORR - ICM: Assignment of Correspondence Types to Contract
CACS_REMARU - Flat-Rate Remuneration Rule
CACS_REMSTM - Remuneration settlement
CACS_RESRULE - Reserves Rule
CACS_STMAGR - Individual Settlement Agreement (Obsolete)

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