Results Recording tables QM-IM-RR

QAMR - Characteristic results during inspection processing
QAMV - Characteristic specifications for inspection processing
QASE - Results table for the sample unit
QASR - Sample results for inspection characteristics
QASV - Sample specifications for inspection processing
QAKL - Results table for value classes
QAES - Sample unit table
TQ76T - Texts for the processing status of insp. characteristics
TQ78 - Status-dependent processing table for insp. characteristics
TQ86A - Assignment report category for work center
TQ12 - Ind. external numbering for test units in results recording
TQ12T - Texts for the ind. for ext. numbering of units to be insp.
TQ70C - Function codes for navigation from the char.overview screen
TQ70S - Characteristic overview screen for results recording
TQ73 - Origin of results data
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Full list of SAP IM Results Recording tables QM-IM-RR

Inspection Lot Completion tables QM-IM-UD

QAMB - QM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material Document
QAVE - Inspection processing: Usage decision
TQ07M - QM: Inventory postings with usage decision
TQ06 - Procedure for Calculating the Quality Score
TQ06T - Language-specific texts for Table TQ06

Time Zones tables BC-SRV-TIM-TZ

TTZZ - Time zones
TTZCU - Customizing time zones
TTZDV - Summer time rules (variable dates)
TTZDF - Summer time rules (fixed annual dates)
TTZD - Summer time rules
TTZ5 - Assign Time Tones to Countries
TTZ5S - Assign time zones to regions
TTZDT - Summer time rules texts
TTZZT - Time Zones
TTZR - Time zone rules
TTZRT - Time zone rule texts
V_TTZ5 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_TTZ5SX - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_TTZ5X - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
TTZ5Z - Assign time zones to postal codes in gener. length
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Full list of SAP IM Time Zones tables BC-SRV-TIM-TZ

Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures tables MM-IM-VP

TPOOL - Master Record, LIFO Pools
MYMP1 - Receipt Data LFIO/FIFO Valuation
MYML - LIFO Material Layer (Annual)
MYMP - LIFO Period Stocks, Individual Material
MYCOM - Bal. Sheet Valuation: Table of Database Commits Carried Out
MYMLM - LIFO Material Layer (Monthly)
MYPL - LIFO Pool Layer (Annual)
MYMFT - FIFO Results Table
MYPLM - LIFO Pool Layer (Monthly)
T001Y - Valuation Levels for LIFO Inventory Valuation
V_NIW5 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
MYML1 - LIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer
MYML1Q - LIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer (Quantity)
TMY05 - Directory for Versions for LIFO Valuation
MYABK - Bal. Sheet Valuation: Table of Database Commits Carried Out
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Full list of SAP IM Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures tables MM-IM-VP

Capital Investments tables IM-FA

IMAKT - Appropriation request text
IMZO - Assignment Table: CO Object - Capital Investment Prog.Pos.
IMPR - Investment Program Positions
ANLI - Link table for investment measure -> AuC
ANLE - Asset Origin by Line Item
ANIA - Depr. simulation for invest. projects
IMAK - Appropriation requests - general data
ANLK - Asset Origin by Cost Element
ANIB - Investment projects depr. simulation depr. areas
TAPRFT - Text tab. for investment profile
IMTP - Investment programs
IMPS - Assignable Operative Objs for Capital Investment Positions
COEPD - CO Object: Line Item Settlement, Not Valuated, With Status
IMAKZ - Assignment of measure to order or WBS element ...
IMAV - Appropriation request variant
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP IM Capital Investments tables IM-FA

Sample Management tables QM-IM-SM

QPRS - Master record for phys. samples
QPRVK - Sample-drawing procedure
QPRVP - Sample-drawing items
TQ41T - Texts for storage locations
QPRN - Sample drawing of phys. samples
TQ42T - Texts for phys. sample containers
TQ41 - Storage locations for physical samples
TQ40 - Definition of sample types
TQ40T - Text table for sample type
TQ42 - Physical sample containers
TQ44 - Phys. sample types
TQ44T - Descriptions of Physical-Sample Categories
QPRVKT - Header for sample drawing procedure texts
QPRVPT - Items for sample drawing procedure texts

Financial Conditions tables CA-FIM-FCO

FICOT_AMT - Amount
FICOT_COND_T - Texts for Conditions (Unbuffered)
FICOB_COND_AMT - Assignment Condition Category - Amount Category
FICOB_COND_DATE - Assignment Condition Category - Date Category
FICOT_CONDI - Conditions (Unbuffered)
FICOB_AMT - Amount Category
FICOB_AMT_T - Texts on Amount Category
FICOB_APPL - Application
FICOB_APPL_T - Texts on Application
FICOB_COND - Condition category
FICOB_COND_DIFF - Assignment Condition Category - Differentiation Category
FICOB_COND_T - Texts for Condition Category
FICOB_DATE - Date Category
FICOB_DATE_T - Date Category Texts
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP IM Financial Conditions tables CA-FIM-FCO

NetWeaver Enterprise Search tables BC-EIM-ESH

ESH_ADM_RFC_CONN - ESH: RFC Connections to ABAP Backend Systems
ESH_OM_LOGSYS - Logical Systems
ESH_OM_SAUTHNSNW - SAP_NW Authorizations: Assg. of Auth. Objects: Control Flds
ESH_OM_LOGSYSA - Assignment of Logical Systems to Software Component Versions
ESH_ADM_SC_MAIN - Search Connectors
ESH_ADM_STATUS - Status of Search Connectors
ESH_CO_CPOINTER - Change Pointer Storage
ESH_ROUTER_ADM - SAP Router for communication source syst. and appliance
ESH_EX_CPOINTER - Change Pointer Storage
ESH_ADM_TREX - RFC Destination of TREX
ESH_OM_COTYPNRF - Object Types: Nodes: Response Fields
ESH_ADM_RFC_CON1 - ESH: RFC Connections to ABAP Backend Systems
ESH_AU_USR_UPD - ESH Authorization: User to be updated after change
ESH_OM_CDPRVDF - Data Providers: Fields
ESH_OM_COTYPNF - Object Types: Nodes: Node Fields
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP IM NetWeaver Enterprise Search tables BC-EIM-ESH

Date Rules tables BC-SRV-TIM-TR

TIMECUEV - Symbolic Name for Activity ('Event')
V_TIMECUEV - Generated Table for View V_TIMECUEV
V_TIMERUNA - Generated Table for View V_TIMERUNA
TIMERUNA - Date Rule of External Descriptor
H_TIMECUEV - Generated Table for View H_TIMECUEV
H_TIMENAEV - Generated Table for View H_TIMENAEV
H_TIMEPFEV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
TIMECUUT - Symbolic Names for Time Durations

Time streams tables BC-SRV-TIM-TS

TTSTR - Time stream: Administration table
TTSTRCOMP - Compiled time stream (data container)

Financial Mathematics tables CA-FIM-FMA

AT31 - Preallocated variables for FIMA formulas
FIMA_TRACE_LOG - FIMA: Header Information for FIMA Call Sequences
FIMA_TRACE_SEQ - FIMA: Detailed Information for FIMA Call Sequences
FIMA_TRACE_TEXT - FIMA: Description for FIMA Call Sequences
FIMA_TRACE_USER - FIMA: Catalog of Users with Activated Trace

Excise Duty tables MM-IM-ED

S465 - IS Bev ED - Daily Update
S466 - IS Bev ED - Monthly Update
/BEV2/EDMSE - Excise Duty Document Table

Basic Functions tables MM-IM-GF

T159W - Foundation transactions and corresponding posting keys

Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) tables BC-EIM-ODP

RODPS_REPL_RID - Subrequests of a Replication

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