IS-B-BCA-MD General tables

BKK42 - Current Account Master Data: Operative Data
BKK43 - BCA: Reference Accounts
BKK610 - Account Hierarchy: Assignment of Root Account to Tree Number
BKK40 - Current Account Master Data: General
BKK42_CC - BCA Account Master Data: Currency Changeover
BKK600 - Account Hierarchy: Account Relationships
BKK45 - Relationship: Current Account - Business Partner
BKKE1 - Current Account: Limits
BKK620 - Account Hierarchy: Amount Definitions for Cash Concentration
BKK40_ENQ_HY - Dummy Block Table for Accounts for Hierarchy Creation
BKK42ENQ - Current Account: Block Fields
BKK44 - Current Account Master Data: Blocks
BKK46 - Current Account Master Data: Customer Appends
BKK47 - BCA: Direct Debit Orders
BKK48 - Control Indicator for Account Balancing
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Full list of SAP IS-B-BCA-MD General tables

Condition tables IS-B-BCA-MD-CD

BKK81 - Bank Condition
BKK83 - Bank Condition Determination
BKK84 - Bank Account - Individual Condition
TBKK88 - Field Control - Conditions
TBKK89 - Internal Default for Field Control Conditions
BKK92 - Account Balancing (Interest and Charges)
BKK9ACC - Interest Accrual/Deferral (Accounts With No Result)
BKK9AI - Carryforward of Interest Penalty
BKK81T - Texts for Bank Conditon
BKK82 - Bank Condition Item
BKK84T - Texts for Bank Account Individual Condition
BKK85 - Bank Account - Individual Condition Position
BKK8RK - Standard Conditions: Retroactive Condition Changes
BKK91 - Value Date Transaction Figures
BKK93 - Oldest Period for Return Posting
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Full list of SAP IS-B-BCA-MD Condition tables IS-B-BCA-MD-CD

Product definition tables IS-B-BCA-MD-PR

FIPR_PARTPROD - Assignment Version Partial Product
FIPR_PRODUCT - Product, Master Data
FIPR_PRODUCTT - Product Description
FIPR_PRODV - Version of a Prodcut, Master Data
FIPR_VA - Version Attribute
FIPR_VA_FLD - Version Attribute Category Field
FIPR_VA_FLDM - Version Attribute Category Field: Multiple Value Fields
FIPR_VA_FLDVAL - Version Attribute Category Field: Value Restriction
FIPR_VA_VALUE - Version Attribute Category List
FIPR_VA_VALUE2 - Version Attribute Category Matrix
V_TBKKG3 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
TBKKG9 - Formats for Application of Funds

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